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Chapters 1 + 2 of a FanFiction I made (seemed a lot of people loved just by the first chapter on, haha!)

Chapter 1:

Tales of Vesperia 2 � Chapter 1: Yuri Gone Missing?!

�Flynn! Please wake up!�

�N-Ngh... Who's... There...?�

�Flynn, wake up!!� The voice continued to yell, trying to wake Flynn Scifo up...

Flynn sat up in his bed and moaned, �E... Estellise... Sama...?�

�Flynn! Something's happened!� Estelle yelled.
�Wh-What happened?� Flynn asked as he rubbed his eyes. He was still very sleepy.
�Yuri's missing!!� Estelle screamed.
�Wh-What?!?!� Flynn yelled in complete shock.

The Imperial Capital, Zaphias...
The Castle Throne Room...

�Wh-What do you mean Yuri is missing?!� Flynn yelled as ran into the Throne Room at request by Prince Ioder.

�He disappeared this morning. We checked every single quarter of Zaphias along with Aurnion, we have also gotten word from everyone in the Guild Cities along with City Officials from contact around the whole of Terca Lumiries. He really is missing,� Prince Ioder explained to Flynn.

�That's crazy!!� Flynn shouted.
�Flynn...� Estelle walked up to try to comfort him.
�What can we do?!� Flynn yelled.

�There is something I want you to do,� Ioder looked back up at Flynn.
�What is it?� Flynn asked.
�Please go find Duke Pantarei...� Ioder said with his eyes hidden away.

�Duke?!� Flynn yelled. �Why him?!�

�We need Dein Nomos,� Ioder answered.
�Why?� Flynn asked. �I know Dein Nomos is required for the Throne, but hasn't there been some sort of agreement without it?�

Ioder then said a little quieter, �There is a Legend that there is a hidden key within this Castle. But the only way to get to the room where it is held is with the Sword, Dein Nomos...� Ioder looked up.

�....� Flynn didn't want to say anything. He was still speechless. He then finally looked back up at the Prince and asked, �Where in the world would Duke be?�

�We don't know,� Ioder nodded his head back and forth. �His whereabouts are currently unknown. Would you know after what happened after the he was defeated two years ago?�

�Actually, no... Only Yuri knew where he was...� Flynn turned back away, tears were going down his face because his best friend was missing.

�I see... Go to Myorzo and ask Judith and Rita if they would know anything. The Home of the Kritya moves around the world all of the time,� Ioder suggested.

�Alright. Can Princess Estellise come with me?� Flynn asked.
�Why, of course,� Ioder answered with a smile. �Everyone is her friend too.�
�Okay. Come on Princess!� Flynn smiled as he gripped his Sword.
�Y-Yea!� Estelle ran with him.

Outside Zaphias...

�It's a good thing that Yuri gave me the communicator to Ba'ul. So we can contact Judith...� Flynn said as he held the horn up into air. He felt a rumble and then said into it, �Judith. Is that you?�

There was an echoing that Flynn could make out, �Flynn! What is wrong? I thought Yuri had the horn?�

�Yuri is missing and he gave it to me some time ago. We need to come to Myorzo, got a ride?� Flynn answered into the horn.

�Right away! We'll come now! Actually, the city is quite near Zaphias right now,� Judith said as she ended the conversation with Flynn.

Estelle was dressed in her pink and white dress once again. She was holding her Fell Arm in her hand, looking at it. After the battle two years ago, the Fell Arms lost their power. Estelle looked into a grassy clearing and then noticed monsters. She backed up to Flynn and said softly, �M-Monsters...!�

�Why don't we take them out while we're waiting?� Flynn asked as he took his sword and shield out.
�I guess so...� Estelle took her sword and shield out.

�Photon!!� Both Estelle and Flynn yelled as they finished the magic incantation. Apparently, some time after the battle, even though the Blastia gone, they could still use Magic... Something had happened along the lines of the Spirits causing something...

After awhile, all of the monsters in the area were gone as Judith finally saw them. She was in the sky, riding on her friend, Ba'ul... She looked down at them and started waving. Estelle smiled as she wove back. Flynn just smiled as he saw her.

Ba'ul landed on the ground and Judith jumped off of the ship still attached and then landed on the ground below. She still had her Fell Arm, the Spear, attached to a strap on her back. She finally asked, �So, what's going on?�

�I want to explain it all to you and Rita in Myorzo,� Flynn answered.
�Alright, you two, get on!� Judith climbed back up a ladder.
�Flynn?� Estelle asked as she got to the ladder.
�Uh, nothing...� Flynn shook it off as he followed her.

Judith sat piloting and talking to Ba'ul as they flew directly to Myorzo.
Flynn was sitting down and asked, �Rita is there, right?�
�Correct. She's been studying a lot on Kritya and our Technology, Magic, and all that for a quite while now...� Judith answered with a smile.

Estelle was sitting down, fiddling around with her charm. She couldn't stop thinking about Yuri and how in the world he could be missing.

�Here we are... I love how the city moves!� Judith shouted as she pulled into the docking area for Ba'ul in the city like two years ago. The same thing, it hadn't changed at all...

Flynn jumped off from the ship and shouted, �Thanks Ba'ul!! Thank you for the ride!�

Ba'ul let out a screech and Judith said, �He says, no problem. Any time.�

Flynn smiled as they walked to the gates of the city. Estelle was still haggling a little behind Flynn and Judith who were talking about different things. She was still dazed over Yuri being gone. She couldn't get it out of her head. Ioder said that no one in the world could find Duke either, and he is there only little chance of even having an opportunity to find Yuri... Estelle then wondered why Ioder needed Dein Nomos... It was a special sword, yes... But what is the key that they were trying to get that required the sword...?

Judith led Flynn and Estelle to where Judith always slept, and where everyone else stayed when in Myorzo two years ago, to find hundreds of books spread around. Flynn was not surprised, as he looked around and found Rita sitting behind a pile.

�How interesting....� Rita smiled as she read a book. She didn't even realize the other three were even there... Classic Rita things...

�Look at all the books-� Estelle was cut off as she fell over an open book and knocked right into a huge pile and they all fell over Rita. Rita looked up only to see the entire stack falling over her. �Wh-WHAAAAAAA?!?!� Rita let out a screech.

Flynn sighed and helped Estelle and Judith pick the books up. When they finally uncovered the books, Rita immediately blamed Flynn for it. Flynn backed up and pointed to Estelle as he was about to get beaten the crap out of by Rita.

�E-Estelle!!!� Rita yelled as she picked herself up from the pile.

Judith smiled at their little reunion.

Rita finally noticed and asked, �Where's Yuri?�
Judith and Estelle didn't say anything at all.

And finally, Flynn stepped back up and said softly...

�...Yuri's missing...�

Author's Notes: I finally got to making this FanFiction. After awhile, I wanted to do it, XD. I actually got the idea based off of a Video from Nico Nico Douga... =D So, yep, Yuri's missing, XD....

Chapter 2:

Tales of Vesperia 2 � Chapter 2: Rita's Investigation

�I can't believe Yuri went missing! I'm just sooooo surprised that someone like him went missing. Then again... After Zaude two years ago... That still wasn't very long...� Rita said over and over as she thought about the situation.

�There is also another matter,� Flynn started.
�Is this what we are supposed to do?� Judith asked.
�It is...� Estelle answered for Flynn...

�...There is a person we have to find, first...� Flynn continued. �...And that person is...�

Tension was building in the room as Judith and Rita were waiting for the answer...

�...We must look for... Duke Pantarei.... By Prince Ioder's Orders....� Flynn looked up.

�Why do we have to go looking for him?!� Rita already started complaining.
�In hopes of finding Yuri and Ioder needs the Sword,� Flynn said.
�The Sword... Dein Nomos... Wait, Rita! Haven't you discovered Aer Krene going out of control around Terca Lumiries a little while ago?� Judith asked.

�Yea, I did! There was actually an Outbreak today according to readings. It was recorded to have happened in the Shaikos Ruins. These are what my investigations read from the previous month. The Aer amounts have seemed to rise, but calmed down this morning...� Rita explained as she was looking through some of her papers.

�Then we should go. That could mean something...� Flynn said as he stood up.
�The person that can calm the Aer before it goes wild...� Judith said. She got up and walked to the door.
�Wait for me!� Rita jumped up. She grabbed one of her scrolls and book.

The four of them went down back to Ba'ul and got on him. Judith was standing near the front like before with Flynn, Rita, and Estelle behind her. Flynn looked at Estelle, concerned since she had been quiet nearly the entire conversation.

�Rita. What else have you've found out in your investigations?� Judith asked.

Rita was looking at one of her papers with the investigations down. She then said, �According to Aer Outbreaks: After each one had happened, they were shortly after wards stopped with some kind of tool, something like Dein Nomos... After each Outbreak, there was a white feather found on the spot... It is currently unknown what was stopping the Aer Outbreaks, or even the cause of them. When did Yuri go missing?�

�Prince Ioder says that he went missing yesterday,� Flynn answered.

�Oh, then it's not Yuri. The Aer Outbreaks started about three months ago,� Rita turned back away.

�That means it has to be Duke,� Judith said as she commanded Ba'ul to head to the Shaikos Ruins.

�......� Estelle kept silent. Flynn looked over at her and asked, �Estellise-sama...?�
�Nothing...� Was all Estelle said. She was in too deep thought about Yuri missing.

Flynn turned around and closed his eyes to think...

�Flynn, wake up!� Rita complained. �Come on! We are at the Shaikos Ruins!�

�H-Huh...?� Flynn said a little dazed. He stood up and then Judith told Ba'ul to land to drop them off. Judith immediately jumped off of the ship and turned to thank Ba'ul. Rita jumped down to the ground. She was followed by Flynn and then Estelle. Ba'ul took off as the four of them headed to the entrance to the Shaikos Ruins below...

�Is this new Krene located inside of these Ruins?� Flynn asked Rita.
�Correct. Come on, follow me,� Rita started waving as she was about to enter the Ruins.

Judith, Flynn, and Estelle ran over and started walking behind Rita. They walked cautiously, surprised that the Ruins are even in tact after The Tower of Tarqaron arose two years ago. There were obvious parts where rocks fell from the rumbling.

�Rita, where is the Aer Krene located...?� Flynn eventually asked after some time of walking deeper in the Ruins. He wasn't very familiar with the Shaikos Ruins at all.

�You should be able to see it where I think it is... I guess we have to walk in deeper some more. It's in more deep than I thought it would have been. Keep a guard up just in case if there are any wild monsters because of the Aer...� Rita warned everyone.

�That's if Duke didn't kill them all on his way in...� Flynn sighed. He hoped there weren't any monsters, protecting Cities because Barriers don't exist anymore from monsters is tough and tiring work for a Knight...

Estelle was haggling behind the group again when she felt something behind her. She turned around to find a giant beast glowing gauntlets... Similar to the one they fought the first time in the Shaikos Ruins... Estelle started backing up as the beast inched ever so closer to her. She then finally let out a scream.

�Estellise-sama?!� Flynn yelled as he jumped in front of Estelle with his sword and shield out. Judith came to his side with her Spear out. Rita was already ready in the back with her Book and Scroll out. For some weird circumstance, there was Aer back in the world but they could use Magic without Blastia...

Estelle wearily took her sword ans shield out and stood behind Flynn and Judith. And right away, those charged right at the monster with Rita casting spells in the back.

�Majinken!!*� Flynn yelled as drove his sword along the ground. (*Majinken is Demon Fang.)
�Luna Fang!!� Judith yelled as she jumped right at the monster and into the air.
�O flickering blaze, burn... Fire ball!!� Rita casts from the back. A bunch of fireballs went flying right past Estelle.
�O-O power that tries souls, shine... P-Photon!� Estelle casted a little worried.

�Tch. It's still standing... Something's wrong here... We would have killed it a long time ago by now... It must be the Aer in the area...� Flynn said as he jumped backwards trying to avoid a slam from the beast.

�It's the Aer... The Beast is overwhelmed by the Aer and it consumed it's very being...� Judith shouted as she jumped back.

The beast let out another roar and everyone took a few steps back. �Here it comes!!� Rita yelled.

�Blast through, Striking Laser!� A beam of light shot past everyone's head and right at the monster. It let out a screech in pain from the beam, the laser. Everyone turned backwards to find the person who shot the beam. They were all in complete shock to find the person. He was holding his sword directly where the beam was shot, pointing directly at the monster. He put the sword down, white feathers falling down, connected to the handle. The sword's blade was sharp as could be and was hollowed out in the center parts. The handle bent with a black covering. The sword itself was glowing a reddish-purple, too.

Flynn was staring directly at the figure with the sword. He was wearing a long black coat with yellow linings and down the middle. He also had long, white hair. Flynn immediately noticed who, indeed, the figure was...

But, before he could say anything, Rita yelled, �Looks like we don't have to continue the search!!�

�Search?� He asked as he gripped his sword in his hands as the monster stood up again behind everyone else.

Everyone else turned around and got their weapons ready. The man in the back ran up to the front with Flynn and Judith as the monster came charging at them again.

�Alright, Holy Lance!!� Flynn shouted when he put his sword directly into the air. Multiple Light-infused lances appeared in the air above the monster and struck down, creating an impact.

�Grand Chariot!!� Estelle yelled. Many blue spheres appeared onto the monster and then blue up in an impact of light.

�Moonlight!� Judith disappeared from a spot where the monster attempted to attack. She reappeared in the air right above the monster and then shot down her sphere and created an impact and the monster fell over in the shock waves.

�Ground Dasher!� Rita yelled. She through her scroll into the air in the cast and hundreds of stalagmites appeared under the monster, as it was on the ground, and pushed it high into the air. The cracks kept coming up and kept on keeping the monster in the air.

�Take this, Infernal Dive!!� The man jumped into the air and drove his sword right into the monster's middle... Flames were surrounding the blade as it drove through. The man took the sword out of the monster and jumped away. The sword's blade had blood dripping from it.

�It's not dead...!� Rita said.
�I wasn't planning on killing it...� The man said. He lifted his sword into the air and flashes of light surrounded him. The dense Aer that could be seen around the monster started vanishing away.

�You just wanted to weaken the monster so you could have a chance to absorb the dense Aer from it...� Flynn observed as the Aer started to vanish.

�Okay...� Judith turned over to the man when he put his sword down, �...Yuri's missing. We need your help...�

�I've heard... Things spread quickly...� The man said.

�Then just help us...� Judith continued. She then closed her eyes to finish, �Duke Pantarei....!�

Author's Notes: That's Chapter 2, seemed quite some people were already enjoying Tales of Vesperia 2... heh... Have I've also taken to something of Chapters over 1500 words....? XD Till the next chapter! (yes the chapter of this one was kinda lazy... I didn't bother making up something...)

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This is a very good game, regrettably I couldn't beat it

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