06-25-2010, 12:35 AM

First off, I'm new to the forum so yeah. I'm currently going to a university with a major in Journalism and I'm also doing some rap stuff on the side.

Anyways, I write poetry alot, and it's something that I don't see people do too often. Anyways, here's my poem. Critique is voluntary.

"The Mirror"

Intact with his ingenious qualities
of which that were knowingly abstract,
the boy stood upright, staring.
He gawked and gazed at himself,
the eyes that held unreachable, invisible oceans
and the mouth and hands that struck melodies
with so much flare, one could see the harmonic
notes, burning beautifully in midair.
The boy grew older, but still, he peered
long enough to visualize the depths, the glowing
heart that was a home to those who knew him,
his acquaintances too, all of which dwell
inside the illuminated, warm, and humble abode.
The boy, now a man, stoically still standing,
as the days become nights and nights became days,
gaping beyond the perfectly shaped cranium
and saw the abstract, enigmatic cerebrum
that was responsible for his creations,
his words that will one day travel in herds across
the mountains and grasslands, the same
creations that will soar the sky and fill it
up with an apocalypse of his artistic elegance.
He was everything he chose to be, and his is assured
of all these things when he stood before himself
in front of the glassy reflector.
Today he doesn�t stand in front of the mirror
for a lengthy period anymore. He was knowingly aware
that his ingenious and abstract qualities were still intact.
If there was ever an instance of reassurance,
the man would only take a glance at himself
in the glassy, reflective, mirror.

Dark Lord, Armoroso
07-12-2010, 10:02 AM
Damn, that really takes a new look at the way people look at themselfs. I guess it makes me feel like some self centerd people really see themselfs as really their perfect.

Thanks for the outlook, dude



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