07-05-2010, 01:05 PM
Hello everyone. I have just embarked on my journey to collect a Pink Tail. I was reading up on some tips and tricks I could use in order to encounter the Pink Puffs first off. While I was doing that, I got side-tract and found some other glitches, like the Sylph glitch. I let my party members take some damage from the Ging-Ryu's and such as I was testing things, then the next battle comes the Pink Puffs (finally). I can't believe it because my party is in such a wreck. Edge was dead before I went to battle, and everyone else was at about 50-66% health. I made many save states and soon I was left with only Rydia and Kain alive. Kain was berserked, pumping out about 2300 damage a hit, and Rydia was not berserked. After MANY reload save stats while trying to get low hit amounts on Kain until Rydia could cast Bahamut (I just needed him to survive 3 hits! Their damage ranged from 100-2000!), I finally killed all but one. I quickly made another save state. Kain finished it off. I didn't get the Pink Tail.

NOW, my question is: since I made a save state right before Kain killed the last Pink Puff, do I get a new chance of getting the Pink Tail? Or is it already predetermined? Can I just keep reloading the save state of Kain killing the last Puff?

07-06-2010, 10:21 PM
Its a vrandom chance. There is no pre-determined ratio, noob.