07-10-2010, 04:44 PM

[WARNING!!! The Stuff The Person Reads Is Not Based On True Events And Never Will Be. I'm Making This For My Own Consideration. FYI: If You See A Line Of Stars, That Means I'm Changing Characters]

As I Walk The Empty Streets Of New York, I I Start To Notice A Truck Coming My Way Without Stopping. I Had A Feeling That The Driver Did The Best He Could By Trying To Stop Or He's Drunk And Doesn't Want To. The Lights Get Closer And Closer.... All Of A Sudden.... BAM!!!!!

I Wake Up From The Nightmare That Just Happened. I Swore To Myself That I Wouldn't Think Of It Again. But It Just Hit Me Right Back. I Hear The Voice Of Cadi(Katie[My Girlfriend]) Call My Name And Told Me That Milo Was Almost Done With His Duty For Now. So, I Got Up And Got Ready To Work...


As Ezekiel And I Headed Down The Interstate, We Passed Telly's Market In Rhode Island. "Are You Sure They'll Remember Us Ezekiel/" I Asked In Shyness. He Looked At Me And Giggled Slightly. "Yeah, I'm Sure Chris. As Soon As We Get Out Of The Truck, They'll Come Rushing To Us." It's Been Years Since We Came Back To New York.

Ever Since I Left The Place, I've Been Worrying About Things Lately Like 'How Will This Get Done' Or 'How Will This Work Out'. But When I Started To Get Closer To New York, It's Like It Was Coming Back To Me. I Could Tell That Everything Looked The Same... Except For The Weird Thing Happening Over There In The Garage.....


What The Hell Happened To This Place? I Thought To Myself. When I Got Back I Saw Two Familiar Faces Standing In The Crowd Of People. The First Guy Had Nappy Looking Hair The Color Brown(Milo) And The Other Has A Jacket That Says On The Back 'Hey, Only Humans Can Read This... Wait Only I'm The Human!!!'. But I Didn't Recognize This Other Person Standing There. In Fact, I've Never Seen Him Before...


Anyways, Ezekiel Ran To Them And Hugged Them In Joy While I Walked Forward To Meet Morgan. "Morgan, I See You've Gotten Taller Since The Last Time I Saw You.' Morgan Opened His Hands And Reached For A Hug, I Did The Same Because We Were Best Friends Before. We've Been Best Friends Since We First Met. It Was Awesome For The Both Of Us.

We Camped Right Outside The Unfinished Building (Secret Crowds)Where Milo And Morgan Finished Their Business For Today. We Talked Alot About What Went Down In Texas. I Finally Managed To Say That When We Got Down There, Those Idiots Were