07-10-2010, 05:01 PM
That Next Morning, Morgan Came To Me At 4:00 A.M., I Even Asked Him Why He Got Me Up Super Early. He Told Me To Come Watch The Sunset With Him. So, I Got Up And Sat With Him On Top Of The Building. As The Sun Rose, I Could Tell That The Sunset Was Beautiful. I Hate To Admit, But Watching The Sunset With My Best Friend Seems Like Years Of Remembering.... And He Knew It Too.

Later That Morning, We Got Finished With The Out And The Inside. So We Got Our Supplies We Needed And Headed In.


As I Headed Down The Road, I Spotted A Building That I Have Never Seen Before. I Wondered Why It Was In The Middle Of The Grass. So, I Drove Down To It. I Spotted A Truck Parked There, So I Parked Right Next To It. As I Walked Out Of My Car Into The Door, The Man Was Working On His Truck. As I Went In, I Didn't Notice It, But He Pulled Himself Out Of The Bottom And Looked Up And Just Shrugged His Shoulders.


"I Told You Rog, Not Until I Get The Money" I Said, Sitting At The Front Desk. All Of A Sudden, This Woman Came Up To Me With Golden Hair And A Brown Sweat Jacket. "Hello, Welcome To Secret Crowds. Unfortunately, We Are Under Construction At The Moment. But Can I Help Anyways?" She Just Looked At Me, Then Laughed Then Said, "Yeah, I'm Looking For A 'Milo Ivushkin' Have You Seen Him?" I Stared At Her, Took Off The Shades And Said, "You're Looking At Him Sweetheart. May I Help You With Anything?" She Grabbed My Hand And We Shook Hands While She Introduced Herself. "Hi, My Name Is RiAnn George And I Was Wondering If.... I Could Get An Application Here?".

I Dug Into The Drawer And Pulled Out A Job Application. "Ahh, Thanks!" She Said To Me. So, It Took Her A While To Fill It Out, But When She Finished, She Came Up To Me Again And I Said, "Ahh.... Back So Soon?". We Both Laughed Together And I Pulled The Application Gently Towards Me. "Well... Since There Are No Other People Working Here.... You're Hired!" I Told Her In Great Respect. "Now All You Have To Do Are 3 Simple Things For Your First Day Here..." I Turned To Her Stepped Back While I Put My Hand To A Halt Sign. "Duty Number 1: Meet The Crew..." I Whistled Loud Enough For All Of The Guys To Hear Me.

Chris Came Down Using His Acrobat Skills. "Meet Chris, He Is Our Protagonist In The Group And He's A Very Excellent Singer.... And He's A Showoff Because He Joined The Circus..... Next We Have..." Ezekiel Dropped Down From The Trampoline In The Very Back. "Ezekiel, He Is A Very Successful Jumper With A Very Long Leap. Not To Mention, He Can Be A Crack Head At Sometimes.... You Already Know Who I Am. But What You Don't Know About Me Is That I Can Do All Sorts Of Things With My Eyes Shut... Including This.... Chris, Would You Please?"

Chris Pulled Out A Jar Of Cheese Balls And Gave Me The Empty Jar Of Cheese. He Threw Them All Up At Once, And All Of A Sudden, RiAnn Saw Something Astounding When She Saw It. I Grabbed The Empty Jar And Threw It Up In The Air, When All Of The Cheese Balls Came Back In, I Grabbed The Jar With One Hand And Safely Put It Down On The Floor. "And The Guy Working On The Truck Outside," We Quickly Put On Shades(Including RiAnn) Then There Was A Flash Of Light. When We Took Them Off, Morgan Was Standing Right There Beside Me.

"This Is Morgan, He's A Magician." I Stepped Towards RiAnn And Said To The Guys, "Boys, Meet RiAnn, She's Our Newest Apprentice." They Came At RiAnn And Shook Her Hand In Delight. "Nice To Meet You RiAnn." Chris Said. "Hope You Like It Here." Said Ezekiel With Pride. Morgan Just Grinned In Pride Also. "Next Thing On Our List. Number 2.... Follow Me Please."