08-10-2010, 08:18 PM
I wasn't sure whether to make this topic or not until there was a finished product, but I wanted to let you guys know.

I'm a member/mod of a relatively known and all the way established FFVII coverage site, called the Lifestream. We cover the Compilation of FFVIII and the original FFVII, through Ultimania and plot bible translations, developer interviews, and other projects. Our current project is the planning and development of a 25 page comic book of a scene from FFVII, drawn and written by the community's longtime member and very talented artist, Dacon. Check out the main info for it here. (

We want to raise funds for the 500 bucks commission that this thing is going to take (and yeah, it's going to be an actual, physical, real deal comic), but I'm not really asking you guys for that (although it's always welcome, and once the physical comic does come out, it'll cost you some bucks for a copy yourself). One thing we COULD use help with is the voting for what scene the comic will focus on. You can vote for that yourself here, ( and you can check out Dacon's art here. ( Use the Advanced Search function to filter just Dacon's posts. He's going by the name I'm Batman at the time of this writing.

At first I didn't want to make this topic until there was something actually to present art wise, but this is a very personal project for Dacon himself, and something a LOT of other people would like to see. If we don't raise awareness for it, it might not happen the way we want it to, and it would be a damn shame if if DID happen and nobody would see it. So please, check this out and if nothing else, give this a look. I definitely plan on letting you guys know about the finished product, and I plan on buying a copy for myself.