08-29-2010, 08:10 AM
You may have heard of all this stuff about the two giant monsters fighting near the entrance to Mahbara, but I found a better one. (Growth egg is extremely useful here, do the mission "Can't we all just get along?' Mission 55 I think, with the C'ieth stone in Oreba. Just Have a sentinel, [NOT TWO, it's redundant and a terrible idea, I couldn't do it.] healer and Vanille as the saboteur and keep on doing death on the Neochu until it dies. It's also advised you be strong, and have a synergist in your paradigm deck somewhere). Anyways, the training area is at the Northern Highplain, near where those dinosaur thingies spawn, and there's actually a dinosaur that spawns there. It's near a save point, it's below the training area, off a cliff. If you're strong enough, kill the dinosaur. The real training is the cactuars. They spawn close to each other, and after you kill one, the other spawns. The first cactuar is right by the small dinosaur, and if you head the other way from the cactuar, you'll encounter the other one. (If you went past a behemoth near the Mahbara entrance, you went too far). My paradigm deck started out with Rapid Growth (3 Synergists) I used Hope as the leader, then Vanille, then Fang. Hope used Haste and Enfire while Fang did Bravera, Faithra, and Protectra. Don't use auto buffing with Hope. Go to abilities, then Haste, then go to Enfire, which is directly right to Haste. While buffing, the Cactuar grows. I let it do the encore dance making it Cactuar Prime, but Giant cactuars are easier, but give less exp. I could kill both under a minute, except I had the accessories which lessened the chance of being pained/fogged (Pain reflector, and 2 capes [I can't remember name] which were at star rank, and they gave about 60% resistance to pain/fog. After buffing, I would switch to tri-disaster (3 Ravagers) and get the chain gauge up to about 140% (Only use with Giant Cactuar, Cactuar Prime has high chain resistance). When the cactuar had 140% chain stagger, I switched to cerebus (3 Commandos) and where then Vanille and Hope would Ruin it (with their Enfire enhancement) while Fang would simply attack it (also with her Enfire enhancement) Giant Cactuars give 20,000 CP per kill with the Growth Egg, and Cactuar Primes give 30,000 with the growth egg. I was able to kill it in a minute or less. So, 20,000/30,000 CP per minute (maybe about 1.5 min because of walking time from cactuar to cactuar) you do the math. I got probably 300,000 cp in about 10 minutes. If you don't get similar results, tell me your equipment, your role levels for Fang, Vanile, and Hope, and if you finished the game or not. If you tell me it ain't working, I might be able to help.

I'm not too sure if I explained it all too well, but, you get the idea.