10-24-2010, 05:16 AM
Hi I'm new here, and I don't know exactly where I should post this...but I guess I'll try here.

I've been playing FF7 on my psp, and I haven't played it in years until now, so I need a bit of help lol.
I'm up to the Temple of Ancients, and now I have Cloud, Aerith and Yuffie in my party...but I'm up to the Demon Gate, and I died a few times. I'm now leveling up, because I'm only on about lvl 36 with Cloud and Aerith and 34 with Yuffie. I read somewhere that Vincent is good against this guy, but the thing is, I can't go and use the PHS. There is no way I can change my party now. Is there anything else I can do besides leveling up?


10-24-2010, 07:04 AM Sorry dude, but you don't usually see requests for FF7 help (I might be frequenting the wrong places, though).

*thinks* Okay, if I remember right, you either need to haste yourself or slow him down, 'cause he's so damn fast. Have you been using(as in, learning new techs for) the Enemy Skill materia? An enemy on the beaches has a skill called Big Guard, but you have to mind control him to use it on you.

If you haven't done that, you still have a chance. Does any of your Restore materia have Regen? If're in trouble, dude. Best thing you can hope for then is to go in with a full Limit Break for each character in your party, hit him with them as appropriate, and then go from there. Biggest key though, is that you need someone on CONSTANT healing duty...right now, that's Aerith(Aeris when she feels American), but Yuffie is also a good choice if needed.

Hope that helps! Oh, and despite my comment, I'm pretty sure this thread is appropriately placed...though I wouldn't be surprised if a mod shows up and disagrees.:)

10-24-2010, 09:53 PM
Well, there IS a FFVII section...

10-25-2010, 05:04 AM
If Aeris has her 'Seal Evil' Lvl 1 Limit Break, then this is easy. (You probably do have it, or you might have progressed past it to Lvl 2, in which case switch back).

Fight a couple of battles and get her bar up to max, then hit the Demon Wall with Seal Evil as soon as the battle begins. It will cripple its abiltiy to do anything, giving you free reign to just wade in and beat the hell out of it.

In difficult battles, it can pay to leave your healer on standby at all times (i.e don't use them to cast attacking spells). Just buff your charcaters up and then leave Aeris alone, so when you need healing, she can act instantly. Haste does allow you to act very quickly, but sometimes every second counts.

Also take note of what materia you are using, and whether you really need it equipped. Magic and Summon materias lower your stats, and lots of those can seriously power your guys down. It doesn't look like much on the menu screen, but it really can take the fighting edge off a character if he's too loaded down with materia.

Best to free Cloud of any Summons and only give him 1-2 Magic materias (i.e the green ones) at most.

Follow that, and you should be fine.



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