12-02-2010, 09:57 PM
Here's some of my "Story Time" segments that I did with my friend. They feature my original characters acting out the roles of well known fairy tales.
In case you are wondering here are brief description of the characters you'll see:

Gruntchovski Von Veizatun II(Uncle Gruntie, The Giant, Hansel and Gretel's Father)
Grunt Von Veizatun is the incredibly unintelligent dictator of the anime hating nation of Transfatylvania. He is a morbidly obese alligator, who has no brain. None. His skull is as empty as a coconut. Grunt is the character who usually says the most retarded lines in these videos.

Shamus Mcboozey(The Big Bad Wolf)
Shamus Mcboozey is a Leprechaun Werewolf, and true to his name is completely drunk ALL THE TIME!

Raht Bastardian, President of Douchebagastan(The third pig, Jackoff, Suckitman the Great)
He's the President of Douchebagstan...Need I say more?

Pyrella, Grunt's wife(Little Red Riding hood, Town Whore)
A Wicked Bitch With a Chest...

Irving Von Veizatun & Ludwig Von Veizatun(Hansel and Gretel)
One's a satanic metal head the other is a Nazi...Take your pick!

Grunt the Inhaler, Father of Grunt II(Himself)
He is the single most epic badass in the universe. He once took out Kefka, Sephiroth, Dick Cheney, Satan, and the Dog from Duck Hunt, whilst only using his pinky finger, thus bringing into creation Chuck Norris...

The Salamancer & Alhashish, Genie in the Bong(Themselves)
Two stoners who can barely walk out the front door, let alone cast an effective spell...

Now that that bullshit is done, here are the stories...

YouTube - Uncle Gruntie Presents: The Three Little Pigs! (

YouTube - Uncle Gruntie's Story Time :Little Red Riding Hood (

YouTube - Uncle Gruntie's Story Time: Jackoff And The Beanstalk (

YouTube - Grunt the Inhaler's Story Time: Hansel and Gretel Part 1 (

YouTube - Grunt the Inhaler's Story Time: Hansel and Gretel Part II (




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