12-11-2010, 04:44 AM
Does anyone know how the music for FFVII was made? Did Uematsu use a type of program such as a DAW? I would appreciate any info on it. Thanks!

12-11-2010, 04:22 PM
If I remember rightly, Uematsu made his compositions in a studio using professional synthesizers running the console's sound processor code used by the actual games, but sadly, there wasn't much about it on either FF Wiki or the FF music article on Wikipedia itself.

I did have an old gaming magazine from circa 2000 which had an article covering how Uematsu composed the FFIX OST (from what I remember the above info from), but sadly I've since lost that magazine and can no longer remember the details.

12-11-2010, 08:46 PM
I couldn't find anything about the making of the soundtrack either.
If I remember right, the 8 soundtrack was made on a single synthesizer to reduce the trouble of finding MIDI's, but I don't think it was the same case with FF7.