12-19-2010, 12:39 PM

I knew I forgot something... here it is:

YouTube - ffshrineMUSIC's Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ffshrineMUSIC)

A youtube account for the project has been made, it's also possible to use it for successive releases of ffwork and other amateur works of ffshrine members for promotion etc, but so far the only focus is this work in the thread. At the current moment work is starting. Themes have been defined.

That aside, here is a list of the works that were either in progress, serve/were simply posted up now for reference.

malexos's Prelude and Don't Be Afraid


ultima_tales' chocobo theme

riotmedic's anxious heart and blue fields

withope's anxious heart

12-24-2010, 02:03 AM
Sounds like a lot of fun. Of course, I only have my guitar but I could add this to my list of projects.

12-24-2010, 02:47 AM
Ultima, that idea is gold! Somebody move this chap to the head of the class!!!

Chocolate Misu
12-24-2010, 02:49 AM
<-- *has absolutely no musical talent but is eager to see what comes of this idea* :)

12-24-2010, 03:13 AM
<-- *has absolutely no musical talent but is eager to see what comes of this idea* :)

Sorry, but your singing voice proves otherwise ;)

12-24-2010, 08:56 AM
I guess it would either be one of two:

1) Highly Inspired by Videogame Music, meaning it could include a lot of sounds from videogames. I guess the style could be very free, like an orchestral layer with a rock/metal layer, parts that change like a collage of parts and styles. ( might as well add samples from the actual games like sound effects, if its aimed at being fun, though that could kill it :p )

2) From Videogame Music, meaning remixes, re-arrangements of parts of games, I guess it does mean a lot about stereotypes: but it would probably include Final Fantasy Prelude, Super Mario Main, Zelda Hyrule Theme, Donkey Kong Theme, Sonic Hedgehog Theme, Secret of Mana Theme, Halo Theme, Street Fighter Ryu Theme, Metal Gear 1997 E3 Song, Kingdom Hearts Dearly Beloved, Chrono Trigger Theme, Xenogears Bonds of Sea and Fire and the other usual top favorite titles.

3) Then again I'm relating this to the gh.ffshrine because a majority of it is videogame music, but that could also mean: movie and anime music, because they are part of it. :D

So again I hope this will spark some interest, because I guess this could be fun to do on a yearly base. Like FFshrine 2011 - etc,... ;)

12-25-2010, 06:11 PM
I like this idea. I'm interested in helping with the theme.

I vote for something original opposed to a cover/remix. Something that would be aimed at the shriners opposed to video game music in general. Yay, nay?

So who here has access to any of the following:
Audio Program
Means of recording (vocals/guitar/etc.)
Creation of MIDIs
Notation Software

And for those of you that have VSTs, what do you have?

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

12-27-2010, 04:44 AM
We all know I can record my guitar parts. Not only that, my pedal can create a few different things as well so I won't have to stick with just distortion. As for the theme, I honestly assumed we were going to be using Final Fantasy music or something.

12-27-2010, 09:07 PM
So decision making time!

1) Is it FF, FF inspired?
2) Which style/genre should it take?
3) Which games, themes should it have?
4) How long should it be?
5) Vote for your favorite?

*note that none of the above may be determined in advance, because more than one person will do it*


Explanations on the rather drastic questionnaire:

1) So okay, so we gotta decide whether it's final fantasy or inspired from final fantasy? ( because the others are too far off maybe? ) Either works okay, It's all about leitmotifs, Uematsu's music is like that, strong themes for each character. I'm fine with it being final fantasy arranging/remixing. Probably many on this site would like the idea of it being final fantasy because of the very name of the site in a sense. I'm not sure whether it's agreed on ff, since I hope some more people would want to join, it's ok whether they can provide just pictures/pdf of the scores they can make. If they're good they will be taken into account, but any contribution is good. :)

2) We must decide on which style it will go,

- Orchestral is: very very hard! ;) ( I'm willing to take the risk, but not alone, and lol )

- Modern music is often dissonant and noisy, ( to my discontent ), but it's okay if you want; some parts could be dissonant, as there are some pieces in ff that really are all about how the evil character (dissonantly) walks and destroys the random good place. ;) I call this "freestyle but I'm probably wrong in doing so.

- Electronic music is the easiest style to go for, it can have synths, guitars, and I've even seen pieces of orchestral, it's a very flexible type of music for remixes and arranging. Not that I favor this in any way! ( i'm suggestive right? :D )

- The rest depends on each theme, it's possible for it to be rock, celtic, metal, ethnic, uematsu tried all those.

3) Themes must be decided quickly, major themes are preferred, I'm pretty sure Prelude to FF and Victory Theme will come up for sure, but the rest is up to you guys.

I don't want to give my opinion yet to leave you freedom to choose, ( because my favorites are often the most awkward themes in ff, and I'm afraid of the impeding thunderstorm rage if I pick Quina theme , under her control or silence and motion :D )

4) How long should it be, between 3-4 min ? 5-6 min? 8-10 min? Half hour Non-stop megamix? ;)

5) Like it says, vote! :p Ya do it!

( OC remix here we come!! :P )

PS: did you like the big size letters?

12-28-2010, 06:51 PM
I actually thought we were going to blend it all together. Like, just because I have a guitar doesn't mean it needs to have metal in it. I was just planning on playing something simple that compliments the music. I've done it before (a friend of mine does electronica music and I added some guitar to it among a few others) so it's not going to be difficult for me at all.

Only thing I'm worried about is what the theme is going to be. Whether it's going to be music dealing with Final Fantasy or just video game music.

12-28-2010, 06:58 PM
To me it would make sense for it to be ff in a way, but I agree if we make it videogame in general it could have a lot of themes. Is there any theme you want it to have?

12-29-2010, 11:56 PM
The only video game music that I've really like so far are only Final Fantasy VIII and Metal Gear Solid. There's a few songs of FFVIII I can do on the guitar. I used to be able to play the Balamb Garden song on my acoustic a few years ago and can play The Landing on my electric and the theme for Metal Gear Solid is pretty much the same after the second game so I can do that too. I think the first one had a different composer, but I still remember that theme. It was really soothing :D. And maybe some Kingdom Hearts music I might be able to do but I've never actually tried playing either KH theme.

So that's where my worries lie because only these games have music that I've grown liking very much whereas I'm sure other musically talented members who want/are taking part in this know others.

12-30-2010, 08:46 AM
The landing is a nice tension builder song, Balamb Garden would be good for a slower part like a break. Metal Gear you say? Which song, Main Theme? Would be great one. If we're going for an all-star compilation of famous games I can do some Street Fighter and Legend of Zelda themes as well. :)

12-31-2010, 09:17 AM
I have idea in mind about how it could go, but a problem comes when you have to build the structure, I think it's possible to agree on the intro song right away. Also I think time signature would be 4/4 for simplicity's sake, and it's possible to convert themes from various time into 4/4. Not really a problem, but it becomes a problem in a way if you make it a standard form.

Following a convetional form is impossible because there is not enough change

1) Intro: Final Fantasy Prelude ( 0:00 to 00:40~ more or less )
2) Verse 1: 3 Famous Themes ( possibly: Zelda, Super Mario, Halo ) (00:40 to 1:30 or close)
3) Chorus 1: Faster themes ( possibly: Street Fighter, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy Fight Theme , ) ( 1:30 to 2:20 )
4) Verse 2: So okay, here at verse 2 problem starts, if you want to insert a new theme. It's not possible if you follow a standard form because the song wont feel balanced.
5) Chorus 2: The second chorus is less of a problem because chorus allows you to build tension, so it's possible to borrow melodies. But still...
6) Break 1: Here the song has to generally reflect a very slow feeling, like a sum up of all the normal events.

Next depends

7) Final Verse or Ultimate Chorus. Either the Verse is taken up and you make it lose volume gradually, like the song is fading out, that's a popular way to end a song. Or you hit the Ultimate Chorus like they do in Eurovision, the song ends with the most powerful note.

So it should be something less conventional if we want to add more themes. The part above wouldn't fit. :P

12-31-2010, 11:42 PM
I think a good way to go about it first would be to separate the ones who are interested in this idea and the ones who can actually contribute (like recording a segment or something). And then, like me, see which game themes they can play, which ones the wouldn't mind trying out, etc. That way, we'll know the kinds of themes we can work with easily and the ones like me who probably won't know them, can actually youtube it or something to listen to it. Then we all decide on the themes we'll use and then actually start working on the song.

We should get all the little details out of the way first I believe.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that I can play "Promise", "Theme of Laura", and "Death of Lisa". "Promise" and "Theme of Laura" are from Silent Hill 2 and the other is from Silent Hill 1.

01-02-2011, 01:49 AM
That sounds cool like a cool structure for a song, ultima. I am interested.

I vote for both choruses to be Final Fantasy battle themes (being that this is FFShrine)

01-03-2011, 04:41 PM
I'm starting to believe that more than one thread will be necessary for making this. :D

I will write a mockup plan with some possible themes to work with it in a free structure. I'll hopefully have it by tommorow. :)

01-04-2011, 01:17 PM
Before I start on a plan, here are the most famous hits in FF to consider, nearly all are part of Uematsu's Distant Worlds Albums. Then again some irony on the naming on my side, which I hope you'll forgive... Most of these probably wont make it to the final selection, so just consider the Top 4 Recurring; those should be considered.


0. " We won!!! " ( Victory theme )
1. " Evolutions on a Battlefield; up to the Stagger Point! " ( Battle Themes 1-13 )
2. " Running the Greens " ( Chocobo Theme )
3. " My Boss is Worse Than Yours! " ( Boss Battles 1-13 )
4. " Flying Wings" ( sometimes called Cid's Theme, associated with the Airship )

Special Case:

5. " An Angel that Lost his Wings " ( One Winged Angel, FF7 )
6. " The Source of Evil " ( Jenova Theme, FF7 )
7. " My Guitar is Spanish! " ( Vamo'Alla Flamenco, FF9 )
8. " Liberty is Often Fatal " ( Liberi Fatali, FF8 )
9. " The Girl that Forgot Phoenix Down Existed " ( Aerith's Theme, FF7 )
10. " Fishing on a Big Metallic Structure " ( Fisherman's Horizon, FF8 )
11. " Afraid, be not! " ( Don't be Afraid, FF8 )
12. " Love, Love... Love " ( Love Grows, FF8 )
13. " Zana what? " ( Zanarkand Theme, FF10 )
14. " Let us dance, Mad! " ( Dancing Mad, FF3 )
15. " It's wonderful, right? " ( Suteki Da Ne, FF10 )
16. " A Bridge, the King of Uruk and a Clash? " ( Clash on the Big Bridge, FF5 )
17. " The World, The Earth... " ( Terra's Theme, FF3 )
18. " RAWR! " ( Maybe I'm a Lion, FF8 )
19. " Living Melodies ( Melodies of Life, FF9 )
20. " 15 Rounds Per Second " ( Man With the Machine Gun, FF8 )

I'm still working on the plan and its long.

01-04-2011, 10:08 PM
I think the victory theme should be at the end if the focus of this project is going to be FF songs, otherwise I wouldn't want it in there lol. Now going by personal tastes, I vote for Jenova Theme, Aerith's theme, Don't Be Afraid, Zanarkand, Suteki Da Ne?, and Man with the Machine Gun out of the list. I'd say One-Winged Angel but I don't think there's a whole lot to do with just a part from that song.

01-05-2011, 05:43 AM
Before I start on a plan, here are the most famous hits in FF to consider, nearly all are part of Uematsu's Distant Worlds Albums. Then again some irony on the naming on my side, which I hope you'll forgive... Most of these probably wont make it to the final selection, so just consider the Top 4 Recurring; those should be considered.


0. " We won!!! " ( Victory theme )
1. " Evolutions on a Battlefield; up to the Stagger Point! " ( Battle Themes 1-13 )
2. " Running the Greens " ( Chocobo Theme )
3. " My Boss is Worse Than Yours! " ( Boss Battles 1-13 )
4. " Flying Wings" ( sometimes called Cid's Theme, associated with the Airship )

Special Case:

5. " An Angel that Lost his Wings " ( One Winged Angel, FF7 )
6. " The Source of Evil " ( Jenova Theme, FF7 )
7. " My Guitar is Spanish! " ( Vamo'Alla Flamenco, FF9 )
8. " Liberty is Often Fatal " ( Liberi Fatali, FF8 )
9. " The Girl that Forgot Phoenix Down Existed " ( Aerith's Theme, FF7 )
10. " Fishing on a Big Metallic Structure " ( Fisherman's Horizon, FF8 )
11. " Afraid, be not! " ( Don't be Afraid, FF8 )
12. " Love, Love... Love " ( Love Grows, FF8 )
13. " Zana what? " ( Zanarkand Theme, FF10 )
14. " Let us dance, Mad! " ( Dancing Mad, FF3 )
15. " It's wonderful, right? " ( Suteki Da Ne, FF10 )
16. " A Bridge, the King of Uruk and a Clash? " ( Clash on the Big Bridge, FF5 )
17. " The World, The Earth... " ( Terra's Theme, FF3 )
18. " RAWR! " ( Maybe I'm a Lion, FF8 )
19. " Living Melodies ( Melodies of Life, FF9 )
20. " 15 Rounds Per Second " ( Man With the Machine Gun, FF8 )

I'm still working on the plan and its long.

I vote for the Final Part of "Dancing Mad" (either the A section of said part or the B section..both are badass) "JENOVA," "Man With the Machine Gun," and "Cid's Theme."

01-05-2011, 05:46 PM
I think IDX voted for those he wanted out of the list. :D Now that's a bit contradicting.

My idea on the must be's from non-recurring themes are:

- Melodies of Life ( I happen to know how to play this one on piano :D So it helps for making it.

- Terra's Theme ( I've tried learning this one too, it's not very complicated, but needs some thought on the mix ) It's the archetype ff3 theme so by itself it would work great. Then again Dancing Mad is great and deserves some space inside the mix, though it takes a slow opening to develop, some elements could get in like withope mentioned.

- Jenova's Theme ( short part + emphasis on the break part as it has wonderful notes, it's a good combinatorial with One Winged Angel. I think having an FF7 element is important as it's the most famous final fantasy, and I am not an absolute omni-slashing fan of ff7, just I think that it's content would reflect about what 80% people want to hear as in FF music. Then again...

- For FF8 I actually love the soundtrack but I haven't learned much of the melodies, I forgot to list one of the melodies that is quite "BIG" in it, as of how it reminds of the game itself : "Ami" That's the theme. Then, there is of course Liberi Fatali and Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec, as long as the numerous battle themes like "Legendary Beast" and "Force Your Way" that are great, but they are... too ... too something... :p I guess I am at lack of words, but they are probably too typical of ff8 and don't mix well, maybe? Not too sure...

Then again IDX mentioned "Landing". <-

The theme itself works great as a battle theme and could get in, somehow, but it takes a lot of time to develop, so it would have to be shortened to the after the intro Lead Line, which causes a problem. What would be cool though is to use the: " 0:43-0:51 " part that introduces the main line in "The Landing", that could be great to introduce another song, and would thus include a part of this theme example: .. That part ( " 0:43-0:51 " ) then modulate into " Don't Be Afraid " or " FF7 Battle Theme " , or " Saber's Edge" from ff13 or " Defiers of Fate ". Same idea would work with "Otherworld" from FF10; we could just use the small riff that opens the song as a modulation element for another stronger theme. Not sure yet though.. ( yea I know, lot of uncertainty :p )

- FF10 : needs a key theme as well. Uematsu made that be " Suteki Da Ne " by extracting most of the motifs of it into " Sight of Spira ", "Someday the Dream Will End"... etc...

The other powerful ones are Zanarkand (ABES!!!! (babes!) lolol) and Song of Prayer. ( and imagine if any of us had to imitate the dazzling voice of the monks, just no! haha )

A cool theme from ff10 in my opinion is "Decisive Battle" but having listened to it, it simply feels like it would waste 1 month of work trying to mix the chromatic sounds out of it, so, hmmm...

- FF12 could use some themes... I am unable to find which is the most famous theme in it, as they are really pretty equal to me, and most were used in FF Tactics... so to say... I think "Esper" would be very much fun to work with, "Rabanastre City Upper Ground" is the most remarkable theme, but not sure... I also like "Speechless Fight" and "Phon Coast" but they're not major themes, also "Penelo's Theme", up to your decision.

Last question, anyone want themes ff11? ( I really haven't played it. So I don't know any. )

And yes, still making plan, but the comments keep changing my idea, which is a great thing. (comments) :p

01-05-2011, 11:41 PM
Well I was actually voting for the ones I like lol. Just the victory theme I'm not too fond of for this project because I feel it might take away from the finished song but if it must be in there, then I'd rather it be in the very beginning or the very end.

Now if we plan on using "The Landing" from FF8, I won't be playing the intro but the parts that are looped. Or more accurately, the part of the song that starts up after the ship Squall and co. were on land on the Dollet shores. I can do the very beginning of "Force Your Way", but I haven't tried playing it in its entirety actually. This project doesn't need to be all slow or fast-paced IMO but it can have both. I'm used to playing this way actually and when I was in a band a few years ago, most of the songs I wrote started off heavy but then suddenly got slow and a lot more melodic where a distorted guitar was practically nonexistent. I do like the Aerith's Theme quite a lot and I was thinking we could use that at the start of that "area" or just have bits and pieces of the song throughout. Probably gonna need a sad tone because something sad usually happens in the FF series even if some of us don't catch on to it lol.

01-07-2011, 04:37 PM
Oh well, it's unfinished kinda thou! :

It's time I copy paste my plan "Mwahahah!" Prepare to be amazed, or disgusted in a way? Regardless, I think it's a logical plan and I've taken many parts in count. I've also thought about which theme is main, how they fuse together, etc... Okay, Go: Fuuuuuuuuuuuu sion! HAAA!!!!:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Based on what you all wrote, I think I can already get the major part of the structure going, but to advance it will require that you guys agree with the themes I'll send, since I can't force anyone to chose which should be in. xD

What is nearly absolutely sure is :

Beginning will be: "Prelude" Arranged.
Ending of the Last Battle or Boss Battle theme will be: "Victory Theme" an alternative is: leeping it for the end. (conclusion)

In the start, a series of things will happen:

- 3 World Map Themes from FF7, FF8 and FF9. ( Cloud's Theme, Blue Fields, Crossing Those Fields )
- 3 Battle Themes ( Fighting, Don't Be Afraid, Battle 1 )
+ note that each battle theme will start from its initial world map theme. In that way I believe it makes sense. As for how this will happen technically: the notes will gradually speed up at a certain point of the World Map Themes, like that it should be fine. The last of those, Battle 1 from FF9, will lead back to a short recapitulation* of "Prelude".

This will then be followed by a of one of the recurring themes:
- Chocobo Theme

Followed by 3 City Themes:
Each of those cities will be likely one of major cities where action happens, Lindblum (Alternatively Alexandria), Galbadia ( Alternatively Balamb) and Midgar.

This will be followed by either a chase or a minor boss battle theme in each of those. I would rather have it a chase as it makes more sense, but it kind of works both way around pretty well. If for example: Alexandria is chosen, "Feel My Blade" in ff9 makes sense, if Lindblum is chosen then Hunter's Game music will appear. Either way works; The magic of structure! xD

Therefore it's time to expose new content material. I now know the form of this will be in. It will be a sort of a "Chain Form" ,with a somewhat 5-Part Structure.

It's time to move to part 2. Which will be a shorter part by about 2 minutes. In contrast part 3 will be about equal to part 1, and part 4 will be equal to part 2, whereas part 5 will provide conclusion material and will be very short, like a counter melody to the prelude.

So here we are about the 6:00 - 7:00 minute. This is a good time for a new journey for our heroes, but they are lazy and go to a bar, they play cards there.

- A combination of "Card Game Themes". From various FF.

They finished playing so they are drunk, they decide to go to bed.

- 5 seconds "Sleeping Theme". Up to choice on which. :)

The morning they have a New Adventure.

This will likely be a huge song spanning around 20 minutes. Like a medley. :D

---------- STOP READING HERE, or continue for Unplanned Out-of-Plan Text ------------

I will continue on rest afterwards.

- - - - - -

So how would you all want to work on it? Separately work on one part and see what we get? Work on sections, then combine?

I thought about making a recording using audacity of all the parts, with some crossfading to show how they can mix.

But I don't feel like changing their keys since it's not original, but just imagine that: the keys they are in: "will work together" when it is finished. :D

Also notice in this partial area of the plan, I excluded everything but Final Fantasy Music. It's still not impossible to have other elements, but then it would then be a very "loaded" track, which would feel bad. But I guess not to be confused or anything, It's best keeping it to FF music only.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you may notice, I will keep editing this post until it's complete, I will then place it on the first post. What follows is unfinished ideas. I would like you suggest me all: some of the themes you would like included, they will be selected according to how they make sense with the structure and internal-so-to-say, "stereotypical" story that unfolds with the music. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We have to "travel" to the next place. I would have included some sad themes when the heroes cannot return to where there were, but they were unbalanced somehow. So I decided to go like this:

So how to "travel" from periods into periods? Let's take the example of Chrono Trigger. A spaceship! Regardless if this allegory is taken in count or not:

- A combined "Airship" Theme must be played here to provide continuity, as fast paced.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*1: Recapitulation:
Exposition (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exposition_%28music%29)

01-08-2011, 12:53 AM
So far it seems you know what to do here. I wish I knew more FF themes but once the songs have been finalized, I'll give them all a listen and practice different guitar effects. Like if the song is more fast paced in certain areas I'll work on certain effects that will complement that and the same if it's going to be in a slow part. Easier for me to know how to play each one in different "tones".

But so far it seems like you've got an idea in your head of how it's going to be, at least structure wise, and I'm looking forward to when it's time to start making the music :D.

01-08-2011, 03:12 AM
Yea, the problem I get is to balance things out without picking themes that work emotionally well, I'm trying to make them in pairs that will assimilate right. Generally I have the idea of having some groups of songs to do this with, such as:

Group 1: FF7, FF8 and FF9 ( part 1 ) 6-7min
Group 2: FF10, 11, 12, 13, 13 Versus, 14 ( part 3 ) 6-7min
Group 3: FF3, FF5, Tactics, Crystal Chronicles (part 2) 4-5min Group 3 has to get shorter air time since it's the two old and other minor titles in the series.

Part 4 is similar to part 2, 4-5min length, except it wont show anything in particular it will contain some general elements like some moody themes. 1-2 sad themes, 1-2 quirky themes, and one very heroic theme that will blend in part 5.

Part 5 will be a blend between the heroic theme and fanfare.It will then conclude with prelude.

01-10-2011, 02:44 AM
I personally think FF5 and Tactics should replace 11 and 13. At least Tactics should replace 11. But it's your call.

Anyways... I like the journey the music takes! Very creative.

I vote for FFVI's second airship theme - "Searching for Friends" and FF8's Airship Theme. I wouldn't want "Highwind takes to the skies" since I don't wanna play Cloud's leitmotif twice.

And is there a really prominent Midgar town theme? Maybe "Oppressed People" (Wall Market theme). "Underneath the rotting pizza" utilizes Cloud's leitmotif again, so I don't think we should use that. But I think "Ahead on our way" really sticks out to me when I think of a FF7 town theme. It just has that homey and relaxing feel to it, ya know? Oh and I vote for Balamb theme over Galbadia theme. And are we using "Cid's Theme?" I'd really like to work with that piece.

I think it would make things easier if we knew what everyone was working with.

I have access to:
-Synths (Sylenth1, Nexus, Massive, Largo, Z3ta+)
-Solo Orchestral Instruments (East West Gold)
-Orchestral Ensemble/Percussion (Symphobia, East West Gold)
-Breakbeats/Hip Hop Drums (E-Lab and Pimp My Sampler)
-Trance/House/Club Drums (Vengeance)
-Acoustic Drums (Battery 3, Addictive Drums, Abbey Road 60's Drums)
-Ethnic Instruments (EthnoWorld4, East West RA)

And I can make Trance, Hip Hop, Classical, Drum n Bass, and Trip Hop/Downtempo type stuff.

I mix within FLStudio. I can mix the project as well.

Does anyone have a decent piano VST? And what type of orchestra VSTs does everyone have?

Let me know what you guys are working with and what type of styles/genres you can make.

01-10-2011, 03:48 AM
I just read the thread, and I have the feeling I'm kind of late, but I'd like to help out in whatever way I can. I have Garritan Personal Orchestra to go along with Finale (Which includes all the orchestral instruments, some ethnic percussion, etc), a few free VSTis I've found on the internet (I have a really nice-sounding electric guitar one, a TREMENDOUSLY awesome low brass vsti, and one that makes all sorts of random synth sounds...) and a PC rip-off of Garage Band to help with mixing.

I'm decent at pretty much everything except complex percussion stuff. I try but it never quite comes out right >_>

01-10-2011, 04:37 AM
I think you still got time. I don't believe any of us have started arrangement for this project, and I think we�re still figuring out what exactly we will be doing anyways. I have Garritan as well. It�s decent. It has a good Celeste, Tubular Bell, and good organs compared to others. But everything else is kinda disappointing. What low brass vsti are you working with and what synth are you working with?

The reason I am asking what everyone is working with is to make this medley cohesive, really bring out the best production possible [utilizing each person's best instrument(s) throughout the medley], and make this as efficient as possible.

For example, If I�m working on a 5 minute section and I want a rich dynamic classical piano in a certain part and all I have is Garritan Personal Orchestra and Philharmonik, and I look to this thread and see that Jon Doe posted that he has either an actual piano (and access to recording it well) or a better piano VST, I would want him to record/program their piano in that spot rather than settle for my lackluster piano.

& it would nice to split up sections to certain people. Like one 5 minute section could go to one arranger, another 5 minute section could go to another arranger, etc. And there will be others like IDX who can offer their guitar throughout the entire medley or (hopefully) others who can offer their piano throughout the entire medley. Maybe even some singers =0. Ya know, there is Final Fantasy Idol going on somewhere within these forums.

& I�m under the implication that we will still be blending various styles/genres. Electronic music (trance, dnb, etc), Metal, Classical, and anything else under the sun. I agree with ultima about keeping the original composition for each piece. But it might be cool to add drums or rhythms to certain sections without straying too far from the original of course.

01-10-2011, 10:05 AM
I wish I had more to work with software wise, but I'll only be using my guitar pedal (look at my music thread to know some of the things the pedal can do). I don't really do much with VSTs or anything and I only have EZDrummer. I'm sure someone else will do the drums for this piece though.

And it's not too late. Ultima is still putting it together and we don't know the songs that will be in it. I don't know about you, but I'm not familiar with any FF music outside of FF8, FF10, and some FF7 (and I'm talking like 2 or 3 songs on 7).

01-10-2011, 02:15 PM
Haha if I weren't such an Uematsu fan I'd only know the music from VI, XII, and XIII considering those are the only FF games I've played...and he didn't even score the latter two xD

If we're still discussing which songs to put in it, might I add a suggestion? Maybe we should have a mix of well-known and lesser-known-but-still-amazing music from the series. The composer/arrangers could take more liberties with the lesser-known tracks. I don't know about you, but I'd have more fun with this if I were allowed to tinker with things...

Also, on your idea of having the entire thing in 4/4 time...unless all of the songs we decide on are actually written in 4/4, it would be weird in my opinion to have them suddenly in a different time. If wouldn't take very much effort to write a transition so that we can move between times smoothly. A lot of songs do that by themselves ^^

01-10-2011, 10:42 PM
I don't really think the time signature will be at all that hard to do in 4/4. I think we should keep Ultima's idea of keeping it 4/4 for simplicity sake and I doubt anyone is going to have trouble with it.

01-10-2011, 10:57 PM
[QUOTE=Withope;1607731]Maybe even some singers =0. Ya know, there is Final Fantasy Idol going on somewhere within these forums.

If we get enough singers maybe we can get a full choir xD

And I guess I could agree for simplicity's sake...I can't even think of an FF song that ISN'T in 4/4 (or at least 2/2 or cut time) anyway xD nevermind!

By the way, on the issue of who's VSTis to use, d'you think we should have, like, four bars of a song that already exists as a MIDI, and then have each of us post an mp3 using our respective VSTis?

(Example, if I find a MIDI orchestra version of FFVII's victory theme, we could all make it into an mp3 and decide which one sounds the best)

01-11-2011, 12:40 AM
I think the ones who actually have access to VSTs and such will actually be contributing to the song itself (like I will be adding guitar to it for example). So I don't think it's a question of "Who's are we going to use" but rather "What can you do with yours to help?". But I agree about some singers. We could definitely get a few more "ideas" even with just one person humming a certain melody.

And I'm not sure if we're going to be using samples but I highly doubt it. I think we're just going to be using our own gear/software for this.

01-11-2011, 01:15 AM
I'm not opposed to seeing who can make the best Victory theme since that is pretty short. But when it comes to sections designated to arrangers, we should let the arranger really come up with the structure and let them utilize his/her VSTis/instruments. But if we hear an instrument that sounds a little lackluster and we know someone has a better VST, we should let that individual use their respected VST in order to get the best out of this project. Ya know?

01-11-2011, 01:26 AM
@Withope: Oh yes definitely. That's pretty much what I was trying to say lol I guess I worded it badly. I was suggesting we use the victory theme so we can hear what everyone's VSTs sound like before we actually start so we have an idea of what instruments sound lackluster.

01-11-2011, 01:37 PM
I'm a bit busy this week because of university exams. Anyways for my skill:

- Good at orchestral, good for violin solos, creative ideas using the double bass, bad at piano solos, horrendous at using brass instruments such as trombones/ tuba/ lower-end brass instruments.
- Arranging orchestral skill: medium/decent. I have a good idea on harmony I believe, no formal training however.
- Overall Mixing skill: medium/weak, though okay on mastering. Still need to learn how to mix the commercial way.
- Working environment: Cubase 5

vst used:

- NI Komplete 6
- Project Samuel! :p Symphobia
- East West Colossus
- East West Gold
- East West Ra
- And yes!! : Tonehammer Epic Drums, Bamboo Percussion, Lil' Powerful Accordion xD

Will be getting soon:
- East West Choirs

For electronic music:

- Synapse Dune ( best electronic vst ever,, well at least that I have, it's famous in japan and is used for anime openings generally, yes please laugh :p ) It turned into a personal favorite with time.
- Synth1 by Ichiro Toda.
- Z3ta+ experience

Can't wait to get Omnisphere X_X...

Other than that, I have some old vst that were given to me by a commercial producer back in 2009. Those include Applied Acoustic String and Ultra Analog. Guess they fit into any category.

I'm having trouble with electric guitar on a keyboard since it doesn't feel right unless you use an actual guitar, that's why there is an IDX. xD

Now for those people that would like to help in composing but do not own the gear or software, here is a small guide for getting the most out free software and vst:

- Get audacity. Get the plugin that allows to export to mp3, yes it is legal.
- Either get Propellerhead Reason or easier: Get Mixcraft 5 Beta.
- Go to kvraudio to look for free vst, some of the best are Synth1, Sylenth and the DSK instruments series, there are also plenty amounts of generous people giving their own recorded instruments as samples, and samples are highly usable as well; it is better to avoid loops and presets, but there is nothing some modulation cannot "originalize".
- You will be able to use Mixcraft, its their mistake not putting an ending date for trial huh :p You will not be able to export directly to mp3 or wav, but wav is better until the final work. Anyways, in audacity use: "Stereo Mix" though it might be named differently, you may have to look into the properties or find a non beta version, if the beta doesn't have it, though it should. You will get the option to record your soundcard, then export using audacity. In that way you can still do a lot of work. Your computer might lag with increasing amounts of Instruments/ MIDI/ VST tracks. But if you are sure for the full length of one pair of instruments, then you can export it, and reinsert it inside the project and add the other instruments after it.

This process is legal. It also works in a similar way with Reason, I believe, in much better endeavors, though I have not tried it yet. Then again:
Some distant forum about photoshop I believe: "Ahoy! Being a pirate is an option, but at your own risk my matey! I bear you not the thought of it, aye!"

Now for the project itself I suggest keeping tracks if not to 4/4, at least keep them to a tempo that will make sense with the overall piece (all 20ish minutes I mean). Some tracks like the marches are in 3/4, 2/2 alla breve. That all comes down to the practical work I guess.

I will take a break from internet this week, I will maybe post something done around the weekend. if not please keep this thread as active as possible, makes me glad there are comments going.

ps: gdam withope! U have ethnoworld4! xD

01-11-2011, 11:29 PM
I think keeping with a tempo would be easiest. That way, it won't really matter if someone prefers a different time signature as long as we keep to the tempo. Or if need be (like I'm sure the battle themes will be for example), then increase the tempo as needed.

01-12-2011, 12:52 AM
I don't mean to play the devil's advocate, and whatever the final verdict is I'll go along with it seeing as I tagged on to this project last, but...pieces with a constant tempo are very boring. Especially if we're really going to have 20 minutes of sound. Especially-especially if it's a medley of songs with drastically different tempos. I don't have formal training with composing, but what little advice I've gotten from those more advanced than me all advise to vary tempo/dynamics to make the work more interesting.
Plus, Imagine trying to get Tatakau Mono Tachi and Aerith's Theme to have the same tempo D:

Here's the best final fantasy medley in my opinion. It lasts about as long as this project is projected to be, and if you give it a listen (it's worth it, trust me) you'll see that the tempo changes with each song, and the meter changes 2-3 times, and it still manages to sound epic.

YouTube - Symphonic Fantasies - Final Fantasy medley part 1/2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qexlgKjN8Z8)
YouTube - Symphonic Fantasies - Final Fantasy medley part 2/2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzVJPgDuoVk)

But, like I said before, whatever you guys decide :P

01-12-2011, 02:57 AM
Had a few minutes to read, so I checked the thread, 2 in the morning and a couple hours left till exam, so why not. Didn't really read all posts last time I was on. :p

Anyways for the songs Withope you mentioned Tactics could replace FF11 and FF5 could replace ff13. Well I do recognize that FF5 is a pretty major title, but it just how it goes according to plan. I was thinking there should be a very global organization, without walking away each time. Like that a general idea would be to start on the major 3, follow up with a shorter work, then adapt the other recent big 3, and finally cool things down with something memorable, yet not so second-knife in purpose.

If for example, FF9 switched to some ff12 then returned to ff10, passing through ff13, switching to ff5 and then for practical sense switch to a random theme from FF10 once again. ( which would actually work for one part) I think it would probably hurt the whole structure logic. There is probably a way to solve things even in chaos, and make them beautiful to listen to, but I was kind of trying to simple, so if anyone wants to propose another type of structure. it's okay. But I think the one I've thought out should be diverse enough to get a very big number of themes lined up into it. ( mainly because the average theme/ motif/ phrase, would be around 30-50 seconds (at most). Whereas those would be complete ideas, they will give a lot of liberty as to how the song will advance.

01-12-2011, 08:52 AM
@Withope: Oh yes definitely. That's pretty much what I was trying to say lol I guess I worded it badly. I was suggesting we use the victory theme so we can hear what everyone's VSTs sound like before we actually start so we have an idea of what instruments sound lackluster.

Oh, I gotcha. I agree with that.

- And yes!! : Tonehammer Epic Drums, Bamboo Percussion, Lil' Powerful Accordion xD

Nice! How are those? I've only tinkered with the free Tonehammer stuff.

And if I'm not mistaken, the FFVII battle theme and the FFVIII battle theme (from that list) are the only two not in 4/4, so I think we'll be fine. And I agree that the tempo should be changing from piece to piece in order to do the original justice. I don't wanna hear FFVII Main Theme in the same tempo as JENOVA.

@ultima For replacing certain pieces, it's just personal preference. I like FFV and FFT over FFXI and FFXIII. That's all. If ya have a vision, stick with it.

@Malexos That medley is indeed badass. Also, I would prefer to keep it close to the original as possible (maybe besides percussion) especially since we are working with such a small window with each piece (we will probably not go over a minute with each piece..right?)

01-12-2011, 09:28 AM
I actually didn't mean a constant tempo throughout lol. I meant that it would be easier to keep with a tempo (as in a certain area) than worrying about what the time signature is going to be. I for one don't deal with the time signature mainly because outside of 4/4 I don't really have a grasp of how it works. But if I keep to a tempo then I'm golden. The music I write is usually in 4/4 but that's not because I choose to have it that way; it's just how it ends up being lol.

01-12-2011, 01:46 PM
I was close to nearly acing an exam five minutes ago, until I figured out I was writing about the wrong chapter in last part of an exam. Gdam. xD 3 to go

Anyways, out of the Tonehammer I guess the epic drums really stand out, they have a very powerful hitting sound, the bamboo percussion are great to work with, makes literally every chase scene sound like a Naruto battle. :p The lil powerful accordion is good but not much different from what you would get in a regular accordion from NI.

I was suggesting we use the victory theme so we can hear what everyone's VSTs sound like before we actually start so we have an idea of what instruments sound lackluster.

Victory Theme? Lackluster vs Blockbuster huh? :D Sounds fun. Literally every intrument can be used if you ears are good in timbre. I mean the whole ost from ff7 was kinda made up from stringed instruments that were programmed using code. And various forms of additive synthesis.

For tactics I'm hesitating to make it stand out, because I know its one of the highest reviewed soundtracks in gaming history, but still many songs from it were later reused in FF12 by Hitoshi Sakimoto, and in better orchestration, etc...

So I believe it will get a pretty good part regardless if its 1minute and half at most.

01-16-2011, 08:35 AM
How about using "Hero's Theme" from FFT with piano?

or...."The Pervert!" (with full orchestra)

01-17-2011, 09:53 PM
I guess the hero's theme does fit in, the other one; not so sure if it's the most memorable moment in the game.

I started working on prelude, it will time about 55 seconds if I give it some time to start easily at beginning.

If Orchestral version of prelude is okay, I believe it will be high pitched and in the upper register. There should be a string section, a woodwind section to accompany and the lead instrument will be a harp, obviously. :) Then again I could use another percussive instrument like glockenspiel or various steel drums like mariba, but it would sound either childish or Caribbean .

01-18-2011, 04:16 AM
Wait, so are we working on this now?

01-18-2011, 10:45 AM
Yea I'll start on the theme of prelude, you can do that too. ( by you I mean everyone who is involved/ wants to work on it)

Make it one movement of about 50seconds (it should take about that much I believe), try to keep the tempo, original time signature , though regardless of what we send atm it won't be final release until it's agreed upon.

If you like you can start learning the chords/arranging the world map themes from ff7, ff8, ff9. Because they'll be introduced pretty soon inside the mix, since they're variations of the main themes generally. At least I think not many will dissagree with that because the main themes are usually accepted and the worldmap themes really work well for the planned out work.

And a sidenote, I'm thinking of designing a cover art. :D
Like internet CD releases have generally (no actual CD is being made), could have a collaborators list on a second picture, with the users who want to be credited in a list. And the art cover picture of course as main frame. ( 2 pictures total )

edit: my bet, 3-4 pictures if we add description of featured tracks and other possible picture comments

01-18-2011, 08:52 PM
Awesome :P What key do you want the prelude in? I listened to a Youtube video that had all of the FF Prelude themes in it and some of them start in a different key D: Unless my ears have gone bad xD for now I'll just do it in the key of the ...First...Final...Fantasy... O_o

EDIT. Never mind. The first couple were in different keys because he didn't actually have the sound from the games, he remade them himself... But they DO have differing tempos.

01-19-2011, 12:49 AM
Let me know when you want the guitars (distorted, clean, whatever you need). It would be easier for me to add what's already been done to keep consistency just so you know. Or if you want me to play a certain way, I will do so as well.

01-19-2011, 04:40 AM
I believe it's best to reference on this one:
YouTube - FFI - The Prelude (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIX65EMSkYY&feature=related)

Since it would be niceto keep the tradition of the harp for ff. Then again the absolute appearance in the game itself sounds like this:
YouTube - FF1 - Prelude (Original) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddR18xrkurQ)

Which is kinda different. :D

EDIT: I made a youtube account for the whole project and successive works that might be done here.


01-19-2011, 06:16 AM
There are many variations of "The Prelude" throughout the series, but there are 2 MAIN variations.

1. The "Olden" Prelude
- Used in FF1 - FF3
- Pretty much a harp arpeggio.
"FFI Prelude" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIX65EMSkYY)

2. The "Evolved" Prelude
- Used in nearly every Final Fantasy from FFIV on.
- Harp arpeggio accompanied by some harmony.
"FF IV Prelude" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnUtfA71kvk)

TBH, I'd prefer to do the "Evolved" Prelude. I really adore that main melody.

01-19-2011, 02:05 PM
Out of C natural and B flat I would also pick C. (evolve prelude) Because it's more standard to start on C. Also because E is the third of C, so it's more practical to modulate, also sticking to the original in Bflat uematsu scored for ff1 is tougher to transition in regard to the other songs, because many of the themes are in Cmajor. :D

And it is very helpful to have it in C, because the original main theme/world map for ff7, which follows the prelude in the structure is in E major, ( cloud's theme ) which would be the second theme in this whole mix.

So i've looked into it and ff7 worldmap is in E major.

Having a major third root base chord is correct harmonically speaking. ( in relation to the first C major theme, but its very rare) Because generally its a minor mediant you would run into such as: "I - iii" Cmajor- Eminor. And in this case we have V of the vi submediant.

We don't have to stick with the way the string section joins in late in the new prelude, it's possible to try and have it accompany the harp right away, though im pretty sure we'll end up doing the harmony in similar way to evolve.

In a nutshell: Arnie Roth, Respekt. I seriously don't know how he managed to make such amazing arrangements :p

01-19-2011, 02:45 PM
You really know your stuff! =0

and if we can't use the melody from the prelude, so be it. whatever sounds best in the end. super excited that ff7 main theme will be second in this medley! that's probably my all time favorite ff song.

A few questions.

And please forgive me... but exactly what pieces will be arranged? and are we designating a certain section to a certain arranger or are we just working on whatever comes up next in the medley? It seems the ball is rolling here, but I'm a bit unclear on what/how to start.

is it possible to revise the list you had typed out, so it's a bit more clear on what pieces will be used?

01-19-2011, 04:17 PM
Yea, I have about about 4/5 entirely certain of how it will go. I have decided to change a bit of my plans to fit a wider arc. The lenght might reach frightening 35 minutes. The organization might seem a bit elitist in a way, though I have decided the story format, would ruin a lot of the expectation as to which famous themes make it in. It will still start the way I mentioned with 7 8 9.

The rest I also know generally, but I still have to decide on some minor stuff, like whether to pick "hunter's theme" from ff9 or "feel my blade" for a particular part, it's likely some themes like "Oath" from ff8 will get a small part in combination with other themes for ff8, and some thmes in ff7 part. It's likely ff10 will get yuna's theme and tidus's theme at one part, with emphasis on "sight of spira" and a very brief passage on the battle theme.

FF tactics will get airing, as for which theme, I'll decide tonight based on some research of popularity etc.

FF1 + FF2 = will get their main worldmap themes.
FF3 will definitely get "Terra's Theme". Will likewise get "Kefka's Theme"
FF4 will likely get "Main theme" + "Dancing Calcobrena"
FF5 will definitely get "The New Origin". And likely get "Clash on the Big Bridge".

FF12 Will get 2 themes. "Opening Movie (Theme of Final Fantasy XII)" , on faster note with "Esper" to add some speed to the whole thing. A small passage through Rabanastre theme is possible, it will depend on how it's organized in practice.

FF13 will get some airing too because I haven't mentioned earlier, I'm wondering whether it should be the battle theme: "blinded by light" or "defiers of fate", regardless it is much similar. "The Promise" might get a little variations such as "archelyte steppe" in a way to address practicality.

I hope the selection won't deceive anyone, will try to add as much themes as possible tonight when I make the final list of themes (based on how popular, how much a they are rated and how much people relate to them, I also asked other people to get an idea).

So I will try to have the final structure by tomorrow. I'll make a clear picture that I'll put inside the first post of the thread when it's done.

EDIT: I noticed I didn't answer questions about the work process. I believe its best to work with everyone focusing on the part the whole group is focused on. It's possible to propose parts you do as extras, until we reach the part they are supposed to be featured on. So at the moment's it's best thinking about prelude and ff7 main theme. Learning the chords to make it simpler.

01-19-2011, 11:49 PM
Hokay, sooo...I'm about 2.5 minutes in, but I'm fleshing those 2.5 minutes out. Should I post progress, or just post it when I'm done with that section?

Also...I have a suggestion. I see a problem with this.

The problem is if you put so many famous themes into one song, it'll come off sounding like an artificial, gimmicky mash-up - I don't think that's what you want, but honestly, fitting all those songs in and only giving them about a minute will make it sound that way.

You have at least 20 songs in your last post, and by the way you put it, there are probably more.
It might be worth it to whittle down our song-list and make a smashing, organic yet still derivative work out of ten or so themes - that would give us a greater chance of achieving something memorable. I don't think anyone would get upset at all if we left out some famous themes for the sake of making a good end product.

If you really do want to have all of these themes, perhaps we could make several songs and publish an album of sorts - divide the songs up into sections, perhaps by game, or by theme (i.e. Battle and General Epic-Sounding Songs, Love/Sweet-sounding songs...) or even have all of us collaborate on several smaller medleys created by an individual.

Just a suggestion :P

01-20-2011, 04:37 AM
Check the first post of the thread, it has been updated.

In a way I figured it was possible to easily subdivide the selection into 3 pieces. I believe having it as a 3 major part will simplify in the way it was meant to be. It could still feature a non-stop mix version, but like you said it does kinda cut the whole rather drastically giving no breathing time. So it can now be subdivided into more decent space, such as that the sum of all of these will reach about 1 hour of music. In this way it's also easier to figure things out.

I made a list which looks pretty darn good I believe, though it will look a lot better and remade when it's time to release this. Also the fanart should be entertaining to make. Will inform yah on it.

It might be kinda awkward, however:
In a sense the thread took the dimension of making arranged music for FF instead of a theme for ffshrine. In a way it's good, in another one oh well you know what I mean. Let's see what unfolds, I'm very glad I started this regardless. Hopefully someone can rename the thread into "FFShrine Official Final Fantasy Arrange Music Project" or will, just have to make the thread myself. Speaking about it I'm going to ask a moderator if that's possible. :P

01-21-2011, 03:07 PM
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do anything for the next couple of days, so here's the progress I've made so far.

PRELUDE. (http://www.box.net/shared/hofiujg87i)
+Not finished by a longshot but there's what I've done with it so far. I do have better sounds than this but they kill my crappy-yet-oh-so-reliable computer if I compose with the sounds on...so I normally add them in when I'm completely done. :P I need to work on the dynamics of various instruments because there's a couple of parts where the harpist is barely audible.

VICTORY + BATTLE. (http://www.box.net/shared/9s5mi6ktgf)
+I did this one as a sort of sketch when we were still unsure about the order. It was going to be directly after the prelude, but looking at the order that's not going to happen xD It's the FF7 Victory Theme + (part of) Don't Be Afraid

01-21-2011, 04:41 PM
Nice work malexos! You're the first to post an actual piece, even if it's unfinished kinda but still great! :D

Technically advice I can give about this and comments:

The harp needs more volume I believe.

It's good, middle-range wind instruments can be increased in volume also, not the high pitched ones, go for the lower end sound also, try adding a bassoon sound, it gives a great effect.

I think you do have an oboe or bass flute inside the prelude mix?
Can you list the instruments that went in? I can give more feedback if I know the exact way you structured it.

For Don't be Afraid,
It's a tough piece to work on, good to know you started on it, the more you avoid being orchestral in thought for it the better it will be. Working on it traditionally seems tough, I believe the percussion channel is essential for that piece.

- - - -

In General:

The main focus at the moment is disc 1, so it's likely what will be published first; will be it.

Regardless it is possible to work on themes from the other discs as well,

As for which songs I particularly want to work on,

From disc 1 it would be crossing those hills ( in a sense it represents ff9 main, but without the vocals), and second the chocobo theme. But I want chocobo theme to be a theme that represents what everyone want of chocobos , so it should be a song that is exported in wav several times, and where everyone will add their personal note. :D

For the other discs, I want to focus on themes from the earlier games, ff4 main and ff5 main, because they're underrated compared to some themes, yet I believe they are much greater than possibly some major themes of the newer games. I also want to try FF13 because of the complexity of 2 of the pieces, defiers of fate and eidlons. But for these its still weeks, maybe months away till we get the right quality on disc 1. :)

01-21-2011, 05:04 PM
Haha thanks. I do have an oboe in the Prelude, but no bass flute....the instruments I used are:

English Horn
Bass Clarinet
French Horn
Double Bass
Tubular Bells

I can post the actual sheet music in a .PDF if you want xD
For don't be afraid, I am going to use a lot more percussion, don't worry :D

01-22-2011, 02:50 AM
Ok, so first of all what I want to recommend is to avoid mixing orchestral channels like they do in other types of music.The more you avoid using eq etc, the best. Generally reverb, should be enough to get what you want out of note duration. I'm speaking more as a computer orchestrator than a composer. :p Mainly because its kinda bold to call oneself a composer before having made any serious work for an orchestra I think.

Anyhow for effects: All other compressors, vibration, chorus, etc will generally ruin the authenticity of whichever sound you're using. ( unless the sound is really bad quality and needs serious re-enhancing) In which case modulation is the best way to go ( modulation as the CC signal, not as chord modulation xD )

Now for each instrument:

Harp: Seriously needs more volume, it's like it's hiding inside the stringed instruments, which gives it a sleepy sound. It should be clearer, perhaps add reverb, but make the wave's sound reach a higher peak volume level on the center point of the sound.
Flute: Flute is correct, make sure to avoid vibrato because on computers sounds that go loud tend to sound marcato, very often.
Oboe: Good.
English Horn: Needs Panning.
Clarinet: It's nice, double it.
Bass Clarinet: It mixes too much with the harp, lower sound, more emphasis needed on harp.
Bassoon: It's always easy to hear a bassoon, what a great instrument. xD
French Horn: Ok, it's present.
Trumpet: Yes, it's tough to use trumpets.
Trombone: Hmm.....
Tuba: It's good.
Violin: Experiment with panning, you can make 4 of these each, record them separately then add as audio track, the sound will be so pure and will give strnght to it.
Viola: Idem.
Cello: / / / /
Double Bass: Really? I couldn't hear. :p It's generally used in spiccato to give a note of power to each chord. If I can't hear it
Timpani: Not really in here, at least I can't hear.
Tubular Bells : Good, raise volume by 5%, it's nice to have these combined with other percussive glasses, such as rare glissandos.

Also remember to group some tracks to give them authenticity, such as the stringed instruments, so that you can diminish volume when needed, and augment when needed. That way it will feel like someone is directing the orchestra. That one being you so you better do well. :p

By the way, when I mean double, generally that's like in songs, backing vocals, about 25-30% of the power of the main voice, but the same voice, it usually makes something interesting, though here, just do same notes, don't try adding too many to harmony.

Ofc, you can ignore some suggestions if you prefer, but try enhancing your tracks the most possible.
Anyways that's it. :p

01-22-2011, 06:18 AM
Here's my 2 cents...

First and foremost, pretty nice arrangement. Please forgive me if I come off rude, but I'm only giving my honest reaction... the tone color of the instruments just sound too fake to me - especially the strings. The flute was about the only convincing instrument to me.

Does your DAW have a stereo separation or stereo enhancing effect? It might be wise to put one on the harp, so it's more present throughout this piece.

As far as reverb goes, use it sparingly. Too much reverb will make everything sound too muddy or distant.

Also try panning certain frequencies away from each other.
ex: 2 high end instruments should be panned away from each other (one on the left, one on the right). 2 mid range instruments should be panned away from each other (one on the left, one on the right), etc.

This will also make a lead instrument sit in the middle nicely.

You might think to yourself. Wait, wait. Mozart didn't pan instruments! Ravel didn't pan instruments! Of course, they didn't. They arranged thinking of where a high octave instrument should be placed, where a mid octave instrument should be placed, and where a low octave instrument should be placed, and rarely clashed 2 octaves together. BUT! since you have so many instruments playing at once with clashing frequencies, the only option is to pan. Oh, and don't "hard pan" (completely panning to one side). Do less extreme panning - no more than 75% to one side. And try not to pan many bass instruments. The bass will mainly go to the subwoofer.

Interesting article about orchestration:

01-22-2011, 01:21 PM
It pretty much goes on to show that insert/ send effects are often misleading.

What I remember as a person who broke the convention for this is Hitoshi Sakimoto. He doesn't use pure orchestral sounds. Often looks to change them in the way they should sound well with his idea of how his music should be.

There is an interesting interview here: Final Fantasy XII Composer Hitoshi Sakimoto Interview from 1UP.com (http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3163748)

The part that's interesting is this:

1UP: Yeah. For instance, I can hear a soundtrack for a game and know that it's yours -- and not because of the melody, but because of the way it sounds. I can tell it's your music even without hearing much of the melody. So I'm wondering, what do you use to make that sound? And do you feel it's important? That it's your trademark, your sound?

HS: Well, there are 10 to 20 sound sources that you can typically buy -- orchestra-style sound sources and various other sound sources -- and lately, the quality of these sound sources has become quite good, to the point where they sound pretty real. A while ago, they weren't that good, though, so what I always tried to do was never actually simulate an orchestra. Instead, there are some great sounds that come out when you play the sound sources through the sequencer -- it doesn't sound real, but it has a unique flavor. So what I've always tried to do was try to take advantage of that sound, rather than try to simulate an orchestra or something else.

In a sense the way a person makes his music is distinct to his/her own style. There is experience that comes in to add skill. But then again, you always do something that is personal. If what you're making doesn't feel personal,then you're trying to make music that isn't yours.

Literally if you play guitar bad, - playing the guitar bad is what will be original in your arrangement, then you will figure out playing it will ruin you arrangement, so you will practice either getting better, or removing the sound/ playing it much less noticeably. My friend at uni does that, she plays violin and keeps hiding in the mess. Then again I suggest option 1. :p

EDIT: Don't know if anyone of you heard about peter siedlaczek ( his name is pretty famous in the music instruments business, his string essentials vst is pretty interesting, anyhow he has some impressive composers working with him, this gallery features some really incredible orchestral pieces arranged with the computer daw, most of which shows exemplary instrumentation for virtual instruments, have a listen:


01-24-2011, 12:32 AM
This is just a starting idea, u'll notice it's very problematic to listen to. :p ( because of the synchronisation being crappy)


Opinions on the instruments in particular. It sounds a bit flat for the moment because I didn't really take out instruments where they shouldn't be, a lot of copy pasting, would like to ask what you guys think of the direction, should it be longer or fine as it is? Then in sound, what to get out of it, the most valuable sound? Should I totally get rid of the xylophone?

I will work on doubling the notes and equalizing later. Re-doing is very likely, because I don't really like how it sounds. xD And it has 15 channels.

01-24-2011, 01:31 AM
Thanks for the advice guys; I'll work on it as soon as I can ^^

Oh, and please don't get mad if I end up asking you what you mean by certain sound-related terms (i.e. I just learned what "panning" was a few weeks ago. And, even though I don't know what it is, I'm pretty sure stereo enhancing doesn't entail putting glitter and fairy dust all over my speakers :/) because I'm new to using a DAW. Until last week, I only used my music notation software D:

I can't really comment on the length; I don't believe in having a set length, I think it should depend upon what feels right in the overall piece. But if I were to judge it as it is, I'd say it's a bit to short...

Yeah..the synchronisation needs work xD but at least you're aware of it. I thought it was my computer for a second :P
I do like the direction though. Although one thing irks me: some of the notes seem unnaturally detatched from one another. Like they can't decide whether or not they want to be staccato or not....wait...after listening to it again, I think that's just the weird synchronisation again xD so if you fix that, you should be fine.
Also, I like the Xylophone...I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of bringing it out a bit more either...

01-24-2011, 02:38 AM
Fixed the synchronization for most part and took out the xylophone ( soz maxelos :P )
To actually use the xylo I believe I would have had to take out the lead rhythm, here I doubled it and made it go through several bus channels. I think it sounds like a wannabe chocobo hans zimmer remix with some low end issues here and there. >_>

Chocobo Theme ( Power Orchestra Arrange).mp3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?l7yfzbrq6d7e54e)

The bad part about this is by adding these effects to make it commercial it now sounds like it lost the orchestral tonality going for a more modern synthetic style. I could still experiment with more fx. And heck if it doesnt help I'll restart what the heck. XD

Oh about daws I'm better with daws than notation software. Have to say that I'm self taught in music, so mostly I avoid complicated terms. Anywhere beyond what I get practical usage inside the daw. Though on the long run learning the notation software helps you much more to become a composer. This is more on the sound engeineering side.

There are some brilliant tutorials on youtube for sound engeineering terms you will find in daws. One I'm having issues with now is "phase cancellation" literally when two opposed sine signals collide to build 0 noise aka white noise/ nada.

A guy speaks about the process on youtube so look about it. Then you can learn about all the other stuff like room acoustics etc.

2nd edit:
I'll be honest enough to mention that I mistaked on a pretty obvious area, but I just noticed, why the two first parts sound so boring. XD

At 0:19 it should be another arpeggio of 3 notes much higher than the first part of the verse.

01-24-2011, 11:31 PM
Chocobo Theme.mp3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?s5v9f7562c8tn2u)

Ok, so I fixed the synchronization issue. The power arrangement is gone. :p Took out that annoying "shhhh shhh shhh" sound that was caused by symphobia blockbuster :p

It should be somewhat more enjoyable since the notes are right and the timing is improved I tried being a little creative with the harmony but it still needs a lot of work so expect a couple more versions., including that I might have a retake on the double bass rhythm.

As reminder (self):

- Double Bass Retake
- Violin Solo
- Violin Effect
- Edit Volume Levels
- Apply Commercial Master

PS: Any technical issue, plz comment. Also suggestions on parts and how to make it sound better.

If possible tell me what's the most annoying/ the best in it.

01-25-2011, 08:43 PM
I don't mean to nit-pick or anything, but all of those chocobo themes you've posted seem to all have the same problem; the timing of notes. It's hard to explain but it seems like you're holding some a little longer than it should be and it sounds like it's rushed from transitioning one note to the other. I did like the power orchestra version a lot (there was a time where it sounded like strings came in and I thought it was going to stay because it gave it that "epic" feeling, but it was only for a second).

I'm really tuned to detail like that and I can't help beat hear the problem. It's a lot better than the others where it's a lot more obvious, but I can still hear it in this one.

01-25-2011, 10:57 PM
hi ultima tales! i'm here :) i don't know if i'll be able to contribute anything worthwhile, but i'll at least try!...maybe...

i agree with idx about the timings of certain notes. it was the only thing that i noticed that shook me up. it's probably because we all know the chocobo theme deep down in our souls by now and we're expecting a certain timing between all the notes. i'm not sure if it's intentional, if it is that's cool too.

11-12, right before we jump into the 12th second there's a timing error on the last note, i think. it could come in earlier and last a tad longer? i'm not sure. i'd have to listen to an original chocobo theme to figure out where the timing's supposed to be.

i think the bass is great actually. really interesting in the context of the chocobo theme.

01-25-2011, 11:16 PM
hi ultima tales! i'm here :) i don't know if i'll be able to contribute anything worthwhile, but i'll at least try!...maybe...

No problem, do as much as ya want. You can make the themes in your own style, they don't have to follow the same continuity like orchestral etc, make something that will get you to enjoy making it, something you know you will want to do from start to finish from intro to outro. X)

Thanks for suggestions.

Part of the timing issue is with the bass, the violin hides it well. I forgot to quantize the bass, that's why. I tried making a version with 45 virtual instruments ,which abused my ram to the max, but it all ended up sounding worse than this one so I didn't post.
In a nutshell, this means a full retake, but I wanted to make it longer anyways with an intro and conclusion for it to be at least 1:20, hopefully longer if verse and chorus are doubled.

PS: I'll have problem to post any work in the next 5 days because I'm going on winter trip to a distant place tomorrow. (vive les croissants, so they say there) I will look at whatever you people send on the forums in the meanwhile.

So if you have anything send it and I'll check it out.

01-25-2011, 11:23 PM
CROSSAINTS! jealous!!

edit: so when i read this thread over last night i thought, whoa way too much to take in. i won't be able to do anything good for anyone here, i don't know enough etc. etc., but it was really nice of you to encourage some sort of contribution and i began to play around with Anxious Heart (which is probably my favorite track from midgar, and is definitely in the top 5 of the whole soundtrack for ff7)


the end is too thick with instruments that don't need to be there, and overall not enough's changed for this to be original enough yet, and i may just end up saying 'no no don't use this, it's so gross', and you guys may too (WHICH IS ALLOWED, by the way). a lot of it definitely sounds 'fake', so i'll read through that discussion above again to get some ideas on how to handle it.

edit: i really like the prelude by malexos

01-26-2011, 08:29 PM
I guess there is always the rather obscure option of checking the midi, then comparing it or uploading it as a separate channel, lowering the volume, re-quantizing with error margins "adding swing/portamento". It makes pretty original stuff if you're skilled editing. Good thing is you dont need to know algorhythms like you used to in the days before cubase. :p

01-30-2011, 06:20 PM
The thread was renamed to fit the new purpose of the work, after deciding to focus on final fantasy music

01-31-2011, 02:43 AM
We could still make an original fanfare that will serve as the FFShrine theme song ^^ I'll be able to work again this week, btw

01-31-2011, 01:19 PM
Yea, I guess we can, I'm still a awhile without my workstation though

I'll wait to see what you do this week :x

02-05-2011, 05:18 AM
Heh, it's more about making a complete album that would be great at this point :)

02-06-2011, 06:20 PM
ff8 - blue fields

i'm not very happy with the violin and viola in this. i tried to make them jump around but they feel dry and out of place. maybe i'll replace one of them with another wind instrument. i'll need to take out some of the tuba swells too, there's too many but they do provide character. but i need to actually do schoolwork now.

blue fields orch.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage (http://www.box.net/shared/ps1uby2ynz)

02-06-2011, 08:43 PM
Oh it's great! Next steps are to eqalizing somewhat and filling the sound with color; the original has a carribean feeling because of delayed marimba and how the percussion catches very lightly. ( final fantasy music theory study for the win :P ).

I guess the best way to do the music is each time imagine if you were in the game running on the fields, what music you would hear, ( probably not uematsu's vision ) but I think it would be pretty close if you had the referenced sound in mind. Watch out by the way, in case you send version 2 - 3,4 make sure you go in small steps because often overwriting a work and undoing, etc is fatal and gets you wrong in what you will make. You need more than one save. But that's one the file saving side of the story. :p

Best bet is an advice I got from a pro in past, when I didn't even know what MIDI was , was:

- Make a list of each step you will take towards reaching that one right sound so; write it down, each step, and if you mistake go back to that step.

Btw riot- wanted to ask what are your tools of the trade? Do you have a midi keyboard, daw like cubase/any other. I want to give specific suggestions so that we can make the most out of each theme.

And for everyone else I started putting each incomplete theme on the first page so that it's easier for people viewing the thread to watch it and find the songs.

One thing that is on my mind is: should we aim to have all songs in similar volume decibels (db) , in which case someone will have to do the mastering of the volume level and "normalizing" the sound. ( not sure if the term is right)? But I guess that will help in reaching good sounding track compilation.

Because if track one is like 55% on meter of volume inside media player and sound like a 100%, whereas track 2 sounds like 130% of the sound at that same level, it will be annoying for the listener. This is all simple to make I believe though, gotta compare with other soundtracks and how they work in db level, the general rule is the louder the better. at least in our times.

Memo of day: Learn hotkeys, :p

02-07-2011, 12:41 AM
Not too shabby riot. I second the equalizing/mixing. The mix sounds a bit cluttered at parts.

Anywho. I've been slacking on this project, so I started working on a piece today. Here it is. "Anxious Heart." Any and all feedback is welcome.

Download FF7 - Anxious Heart.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way (http://www.sendspace.com/file/34rhjb)

02-07-2011, 03:41 AM
Hey everyone...I would have done work...but I got roped into creating an arrangement/medley of Cinderella for my band. And then I remembered that I was making a CD as part of my graduation project :/ So while I've been busy composing, it hasn't been for this xD

Anyways, I like the progress that's been coming along, but I'm a bit nervous that everyone seems to be arranging just a song at a time. I haven't heard anyone try to move from one song to another...I hope that will go smoothly but I'd like to see someone make a transition to another song just to see...

02-07-2011, 03:59 AM
It's pretty epic for a first version! :D

Technically I can't say much, it's all about minor things that don't really matter too much.

0:04: I think the first chord can be extended a little bit. It does go along Uematsu's timing, but I always get the feeling the notes in that part could be longer even in the original. If not I would go to say the color of the strings is a bit odd, but it's computer so.. :p
0:47: Those 4 successive Chromatic tones going downward can be raised in volume a little bit.
0:58: Try limiting that small vibrato from the flute a little bit to make it a smoother transition.

PS: gosh this theme always brings back memories
I like the GM sounding instrument combo at the end, it gives a very fresh feeling to the mix.

02-07-2011, 04:28 AM
Thank you!

Do you feel the overall tone of the strings is a bit odd, or just that 1st chord? And I will try extending the first chord.

after listening again, i agree. those quick notes need a boost even at 00:54. i'll try vibrato-less, and sparring vibrato to see how it sounds.

Same. It brings me back to 1997 when I was first playing this game in my parents' basement. Definitely an underrated piece of FF music nonetheless.

@Malexos, I hear you. I was actually thinking about that during driving. I don't want each piece of these medleys to be so independent of each other. there's gotta be some cohesion throughout, and of course, a good transition to each.

02-07-2011, 05:12 AM
I've thought about what to use to solve those general issues of sound that keep arriving in my mix, the answer was MIDI messages. Because the quality of libraries is limited after a certain point, knowing how to edit midi seems essential.

a few ex:

Breath Control CC#2 should solve most vibrato issues and give the "inhale/exhale" time of real woodwind/brass players.
Foot Control CC#4 should be good for editing pan more freely.
Portamento/portamento time CC#65/CC#5 should help with rate of portamento and to get interesting transitions.
Expression CC#11 can modify volume of each track without using any mixer thus keeping main volume the way you want and not touching the mastering :D
Legato footswitch CC#68 will help you create smoother note sequences

I also agree with malexos we should hit the speed-making button, but without too much haste to avoid perilous disaster.

Oh and one very big point I wanted to clarify because it seems that only orchestral themes are being made.. :p

This album is "arrangement/remixing" not "orchestration only" album xD

It's possible to head into many styles if you want. Blues/funk, it's all good as long as the motiv-recognizable structure of the ff theme is there.

02-07-2011, 05:29 AM
now, are these MIDI messages for Symphobia or East/West Gold?

02-07-2011, 12:25 PM
Nah I meant in general midi, there are 127 various messages that can be sent to daws under standard midi protocol, I recently bought a book and started learning about them. You can really make a weak library like Edirol for instance have a great sound with midi editing alone, like lenghtening the signal or giving the right vibe, it's useful.

The book is "Acoustic & Midi Orchestration for the Contemporary Composer"

02-07-2011, 06:12 PM

02-08-2011, 07:06 AM
thanks guys! i really like the swelling in your anxious heart wh :) that's definitely what the tune is about, that kind of build up.

02-09-2011, 10:47 PM
thank you!

02-13-2011, 07:06 PM
I'd like to give some data on what I've been doing lately because I know I should have posted a theme already. I actually failed on a mid-semester test, which I didn't expect... So I've been doing work for exams that are being held in the next week and half, so I'll have some trouble in the upcoming days.


I have also been upgrading my standards, working on studying rhythm and mixing techniques. My following steps are optimizing my sound library by making a preset template for each work.

I didn't know until recently that the so called " preset template " is actually the main tools of the trade and the best technique for someone working on midi to build a cohesive series of musical instruments. Meaning that whether you are working on 1 theme or 3-4 themes, the way in which that template works to your advantage is actually essential in making a fast work sound professional and well orchestrated.

Take this video in example:
YouTube - Film Scoring Template Logic-VSL-Symphobia (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNXRR5mExQw)

I have also been disappointed to find out most professional libraries function on computers which are imacs of 16gb - 32gb ram and cost about 3500$ and are not in any way close to my budget. So I will probably upgrade my computer regularly instead of going for a mass product that will ravage my bank in 1 hit. Blame Capitalism. :p

It's important to know that with any sound library you can make something big provided you have the right technique with midi and the right plugins. Here are a few things I've learned:

- Avoid overquantizing, quantize only particular notes, the notes you know should be on a "functional" part a measure, such as notes that start on the first beat. The "mistakes" are actually part of live playing, so a perfect play will sound unatural, try sticking with the way you play on the keyboard, and often you won't have to change anything.

- For drums use the drum editor if your software provides it, working with midi will confuse you and will make sound cuts, and length issues. Whereas a drum editor has some tools that automate and fix drums. The same rule doesn't apply with orchestral timpani and percussion though.

- Work on more than 1 level of organization to create an "additive sound". If part one has 2 instruments, and the sound is "empty" lacking something to fill it there; you might still have a better option by "droning" some sounds, or adding "side-beats" if it makes any sense; they should be lower in sound and support the melody.

- Learn the composition of a regular orchestra. There is no set rule on the size of an orchestra, but it is generally in pairs of a certain number, with eventual solo chair instruments for the most talented player. 4 sections:

String instrument - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_instrument)
Brass instrument - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brass_instrument)
Woodwind instrument - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodwind_instruments)
Percussion instrument - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percussion_instrument)

( More details on wikipedia :p )

You need to learn the timbre and tonal possiblities, range etc... of each of those to know how to use them right. ( yup years off for me too xD )

For people who have never worked with orchestra; one page that I visited suggests learning the functions of percussion instruments first because they are the easiest to understand, but most complicated to perform.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here are a few video channels that should help you work more technically on your music:
YouTube - creativeguitarstudio (http://www.youtube.com/user/creativeguitarstudio) <- Real deal, lessons that bring you new knowledge and ideas in 3-4 minutes.
YouTube - BerkleeMusic (http://www.youtube.com/user/BerkleeMusic) <- They're the biggest school out there for contemporary music, check it out.
YouTube - OrchestrationOnline (http://www.youtube.com/user/OrchestrationOnline) <- A professional giving all the side details you might not know about orchestra.
YouTube - ProOrchestration (http://www.youtube.com/user/ProOrchestration) <- Some good videos worth noticing.
YouTube - Lypur (http://www.youtube.com/user/Lypur) <- The basics, covered in much detail of how music theory goes, several video series.
YouTube - JazzEDge (http://www.youtube.com/user/JazzEDge#p/u) <- For improving overall, jazz is the solution, should help you in improvisation.
YouTube - chordsgalore (http://www.youtube.com/user/chordsgalore) <- A huge arsenal of contemporary lessons, to learn how to play piano in many ways.

With this hopefully lessons etc, should be good enough there are also some sites, but I give this in the purpose of the project.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now for the actual project:

I have thrown out the old chocobo theme and focused on a newer version which lasts about 2-3 minutes. I haven't really started any other theme yet, but I am planning on either doing "Crossing Those Hills" or "Balamb Garden" next. I will start once I am sure that the chocobo theme is decent. Which ain't there yet, as I am building a template for the work, so I will probably export the chocobo midi I make and refill it within the template project.

Note that a template for orchestra will use up a lot of ram even when the instruments aren't all playing, it takes a whole day or two to make, but once it's done you're pretty much covered, while you're computer will be close to death while performing this. I have 4gb ram, and it's way not enough. Req. for ease of work is 8-12gb ram 16gb and you're good till 2015, but in 2015 when new libraries and software will be released you would better hope to get a 64gb ram computer ( no kidding :p )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Also I will start on the cover art after the exams, which means it will be done within 2-3 weeks after that, done as in polished and refined. I could finish it in 2 days but what's the point in that you say. :)

The song list can't be done until the album is finished because it's not sure whose themes will be selected for the actual release in case of a double work, though all themes that are considered finished will be uploaded on the youtube channel; I will work on the channel after CD1 is finished. :)

With this I "expect" a finished disc 1 by early or mid april. Even though it's been a month that the project is open, another month and a half from now is a realistic date for exporting the work, and time runs very fast. So hopefully it's possible to finished D1 by them :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

PS: Anyone notice the ff13 reference in one sentence?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

02-16-2011, 05:21 PM
Great work! You need to make more pieces, it's great!

02-27-2011, 12:24 AM
I would like to inform you all that the cover art for the album is finished. Help from my friend was necessary in order to complete it, so he handled the artwork with my suggestions. He did a brilliant work and deserves to be credited, so thank you Tanner, if you check the thread here. It is a special type of art with a lot of optimism and goes really nicely with the idea of the whole album. It will be added to the first page tomorrow, so check it out when it's there.

Hoping to show something new soon regarding the chocobo theme, and another one in the current of the upcoming week. :)
And for those who would like to help this project's cause, please subscribe to the ffshrineMUSIC the official youtube channel for musicians from ffshrine.
YouTube - ffshrineMUSIC (http://www.youtube.com/user/ffshrineMUSIC)

Take Care Everyone!

02-27-2011, 01:15 PM
First post updated. There were minor changes such as "The New Origin" being replaced with "Ahead on Our Way" for simplicity issues in the arrangement, and the superior popularity/ arranging potential of the latter one.. Note that it's literally the same piece with a different beginning/ conclusion. 90% of the development is similar and uses the same leitmotif.

Also, The Royal City of Rabanastre (City Upper Ward) was added to the second disc, give equal airing time to FF12 as opposed to FF10 and FF13.

That's about it so, check it out.

02-27-2011, 10:37 PM
First and foremost, that is some badass cover art. Retro-ish and sleek. Props to the creator.

& Yessssssssssss. "Ahead on Our Way!!!" "The Royal City of Rabanstre" is nice addition too. That piece definitely sticks out in my head after playing FFXII.

02-28-2011, 11:23 AM
Hehe yeah, the style of my friend is kind of Dragon Ball, with his drawings, that's why it has that punch of retro maybe. :D

02-28-2011, 08:33 PM
Dragonball style art is easy for me. Just really nothing but straight lines. Pretty basic but if you want, it can also be incredibly detailed.

02-28-2011, 11:41 PM
Yea, the backgrounds in it are really great. :)

Oh and by the way I might have to reorganize a couple more things in the thread in regards to the export format and how the tracks are going to be submitted to a final mixing artist. Still a few things to clarify there before.

I'm also thinking of listing midi files, also making a chords chart for the themes and listing them out in post one to help out with arranging. Since the purpose is for others to find the right melody the fastest possible. That might also help and interest people who would like to learn the themes vaguely. :)

03-06-2011, 04:06 AM
Added a part in regards to submitting work and how work is done for this project, the update is visible on page 1 of the thread on the first post that I keep dubiously editing to my convenience and orthography . So check it out. (If you dare!)

Oh yea, noticed there is about 1200 views on the thread which is kinda impressive. So if you really read this why not help us in work? Even keeping this thread alive with posts helps motivate people I believe. Ok. That's a short rant, but still. :p

I can't decide whether one theme I'm planning will be orchestral or focus more on a ethnical/world soundtrack style. In both ways if the mixing is done by one person then it's assumable that it will take a definite sound only then.

Take care.

03-06-2011, 11:23 PM
you should make it orchestral and ethnic-esque!

03-07-2011, 12:34 AM
I should be working again in...a few weeks? :/ Band teacher actually asked me to write our entire next concert. I'm honoured, but I still have a crap-ton of other things to do >_>
I like the cover art, by the way ^^
Also, I agree with Withope. ._.

Chocolate Misu
03-07-2011, 12:45 AM
Sorry bout this but just in case you guys haven't seen this post in the 'Calling All' thread, I thought I'd post it in here too. :) I know you're all busy with making the theme here, but since you guys are into the music scene I was hoping some of you would like to join in the FFShrine's new game. We've got our very own version of American Idol called Final Fantasy Shrine Idol. We're looking for contestants and judges! Come check it and spread the word :) Thread 86846

03-07-2011, 04:05 AM
Lol I love that banner~

03-07-2011, 06:19 PM
Idol noooooo!!! XD That show is everywhere.
At least there is no Tidus Bieber yet. :p Best luck to the best one though. ;)

btw, Misu the topic kinda changed awhile ago, the topic was initially to make a theme for ffshrine as a compilation of works from final fantasy and a possibility of many other games. I believe you saw the thread at the moment when I was writing about it being a medley of 20-30 minutes of several themes, which would have given a new standard in music complexity.

Ok, that was pretty much impossible, so we changed the project into "an album of final fantasy music" which follows a bit of a "story through music" format; like a wannabe final fantasy adventure. This would very much have the flow of a movie.

But that also was kind of changed by me to give it a more consistent appeal to people who want to work on it. I changed a bit of the flow keeping it very senseful, for the first one. Following a bit of constraints on the second one, whereas I added a series of major themes with the same type of consistency. And then like every end of story it felt good to return to the roots by revisiting some of those older themes.

I believe the format works well, though it might end with final fantasy tactics, prior the victory theme; and maybe.. Oh well, I won't tell. ;)

I believe this project has been on hiatus long enough, so I am glad you people revisited ( thereout; are there any other contributors who would like to join?; I mean I can't possibly have made all those pageviews ( or did I?) :p )

Whatever the issue, I strongly suggest a few techniques now that the exporting format and a technique has been settled for working on this. Let me be clear and concise:

Arrangers: Send singular audio/midi tracks to Withope after they have been submitted here and went through criticism. He volunteered to do the mixing and give the tracks consistency.

The clearing up is: You can keep your audio, but it might be updated into better, changed for consistency. Whatever happens, the critique will guide you to do most of the work yourself, until the track is ready to be sent to mixing/mastering at withope studios. ( :D )

Oh and in case you need a specific Midi, I suggest visiting "vgmusic.com" for midi files. These can be worked on and have several layers (so they can be heavily altered). It will be easier to find the right notes. It's not recommended to use them, but if it helps you find the right notes in case of a confusion. I suggest just using them as a lower sound layer to get the idea of the motivic form. But that is all, the melody should be kept similar. Harmonically you are 100% free to make something original; while I still suggest keeping to the original rhythm and not going "too much" off the tempo.

Ok, now I would like to give a motive that kind of began as soon as I started writing all of this, since I'm not sure whether it's likely, but the idea is quite nice. I would like to spread this album through internet and make it famous, ( not that much can be expected) but I am pretty sure that if we go for quality we could get a couple thousand of views on a site like youtube, where the ffshrine account is.

My hope is that maybe nobuo uematsu might get to hear these, including the other composers partially involved in this. Perhaps someone will be interested who knows. But I plan to carry out this project to the end.

take care,

03-09-2011, 09:08 PM
i plan to see this through as well. maybe this will be a bit more active when spring break commences (if it already hasn't for some)

03-10-2011, 11:16 AM
Let's hope so, for me spring break is rather short though, 1 week or such, inclusive in my curricular exam testing week, what's more it's a study break to study for exams. And I had last exams 2 weeks ago; ": D

In these cold times there is nothing better than studying a lame series of midi orchestration manuals. :p (Or experiment on Arturia!; doubt anyone will get this, but Arturia is great )

03-10-2011, 05:26 PM
I haven't been doing anything musically for the past few weeks. A buddy of mine is in the military and he's on his one month leave right now so I've been hanging out with him. When he leaves I'll have more time for this along with some personal projects of mine but don't have the time right now.

03-10-2011, 06:19 PM
Ye I totally get ya, making serious work ya gotta sit down and take all that time to make something good. speaking of army, I got a friend who went as far as the french foreign legion; I don't get that kind of life though, it's really tough. Much easier to have a girlfriend and have an easy idle life I think. :D

Post is total off-topic but reminded me of that :p

07-21-2011, 07:03 PM
Anyways this project will be retaken into a youtube project pretty soon because of more potential people for the work, the project will mention that it's been inspired by this project. Again I am the initiator of the idea there.

It will be called "Final Fantasia: A Tribute to Final Fantasy" and will have 3 discs. The same concept will be used as it was here. Message me if you would be interested in working with the growing number of people that participate! :D
And it will definitely be uploaded into this site's videogame music section when finished! Take care and hopefully some will message to join,

peace out

07-22-2011, 01:58 PM


07-27-2011, 09:50 PM
any takers? i'm still in...

if anyone is still interested, there is a group over on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/172237266178806)....

07-30-2011, 08:17 PM
I'd like to help out.

Quick question first. Considering the only instrument I can record is my electric guitar, will I be doing tracks by myself (such as do a song myself in the way I did for my own music) or will I be given pieces of a song/track and add guitar to the mix where needed?

07-31-2011, 03:12 PM
I was thinking you could do the guitar parts. There are a few battle tracks as you can see, and I think I can lay the bass, drums and keyboards/synths, so you can focus on the guitar parts, like giving a live solo for some parts. Or the main power chord accompaniment.

08-01-2011, 12:12 AM
Gotcha. I can't do lead guitar to save my life but I'll give it a whirl. I may be able to pull of a few solos here and there with practice (such as, making my fingers move quickly) but don't expect any kind of shredding lol.

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Ok. I asked to join the group. My picture is me wearing my dickies hoodie.

08-22-2011, 01:30 AM
i have something new for you

i know this isn't from the list, but that's ok, just exercising. a for fun thing. welcome to use it in the project if you'd like though.

FFT - Germinas Peak
fftgerminaspeak.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage (http://www.box.net/shared/819d6el7kz4an67u4846)