03-11-2011, 09:41 AM
does anyone else think that the air weapon boss was easy and fun? I did. and it gives you cloud's ultima weapon/sword when you beat it. I thought it was fun chasing that thing around in the airship. did anyone else?

03-16-2011, 04:44 AM
I presume you mean Ultima Weapon who you have to chase around. He was pretty easy (and you can steal Reflect Rings from him too each time you fight him, plus you can learn the Shadow Flare Enemy Skill right at the end as well), just time consuming having to chase around the planet (deliberately ramming him with the Highwind actually makes him choose his next location more quickly - I wish I'd known that back in 1997/98 when I first played FFVII! :p).

Not many people realized though that chasing Ultima Weapon around like that was basically a rehash of fighting Deathgaze in FFVI, who was fought in a similar manner (although you couldn't see where he was sadly - he just randomly attacked you while flying in the airship at the end of the game). He even drops a powerful item once it's defeated too (although a summon spell and not a weapon - the Bahamut magicite).

Also, you do know that once Ultima Weapon is destroyed, it allows ground access to the Ancient Frog Forest as well (which before required a mountain-climbing chocobo to access), although the weapons it contains are underpowered compared to what you'd probably have at that point in the game. Still an interesting little diversion none-the-less.