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03-22-2011, 06:43 AM
So, it's not as popular, or financially worthy for the distributors to make them available for bluray as they were for some DVD's.

Isolated Scores are nice sometimes. Especially when the composer doesn't narrate over the music.
Especially when they're available in 5.1/Lossless.

I can live with AC3. I can...

But let's forget about known DVD Scores.
SoundtrackNet : DVD Music (http://www.soundtrack.net/dvd/)

Let's talk Bluray scores.

Known bitrates/formats. Lossy, lossless.
I found a page on the bluray.com forums talking about blu-rays with isolated scores.
However, it's a short list and very limited information.
Very limited.
Only one mention that Big Trouble In Little China is in DTS-HD Master Audio.
Which I have. As soon as I saw it on the back of the case, I bought it, no questions, no special sales.
Official Listing of Isolated Score tracks on Blu-ray - Blu-ray Forum (http://forum.blu-ray.com/blu-ray-movies-north-america/133653-official-listing-isolated-score-tracks-blu-ray.html)

Does anyone know any Blu-ray movies with isolated scores and their format/bitrate??
AC3? DTS-HD Master Audio? 640/448/192?

I know some of the DVD's only had the isolated score and the blu-rays didn't. The Cell is one of them.
And The Corruptor. and Donnie Brasco I think. So let's not mention any more DVD's with Isolated Scores.

Big Trouble in Little China - DTS-HD Master Audio, 5.1, 24bit.
Inception - Special Features, 10 tracks, DTS-HD Master Audio, 5.1, 24bit.
Beetlejuice - AC3/640/5.1/bit depth? i forgot what bitdepth it is.

The Matrix - I'm not sure what formant/bitrate it is though. The case doesn't say anything. I was so close to buying it, but don't want to buy it and find out if it's going to be the same as the DVD.

And that's all I got so far.
Anyone else know anything??

I heard the Aliens Quadrilogy were mostly AC3.