03-23-2011, 12:08 AM
With the earlier release in Japan as well as the current NA release and the upcoming EU releases of Duodecim, I'm sure that all are aware of the new Quest Creation option which allows players to customize and design a brief story consisting of the Dissidia Duodecim cast. Although it is impossible to share friend cards via internet, it would be interesting to hear original ideas for Quests. Have ideas? Please share and please remember WARN BEFORE SPOILING ANY PLOTS!!! Thanks.

BTW it seems as if you can share Quests via Save Data (not sure if this can work considering the save data cannot read two profiles); if anyone requests a copy of a Quest I can gladly provide you with one.

OKAY I'll give you an example. Try to format it in this way if you plan for anyone to emulate your Quest. (Feel free to add dialogue.)

TITLE: The Gold Saucer (VII)
SUMMARY: Fight with Cloud to acquire his final limit break, Omnislash! (The Gold Saucer but with a twist!)
Main Character: Cloud with Set A: Tifa Assist
Battle 1: vs Garland Assist: Emperor (LV. Auto) @ Old Chaos Shrine
Battle 2: vs Golbez Assist: Kain (LV. Auto & Strength: High Actions) @ Lunar Subterrane (Victory Condition = Win within 3 minutes *representing handicap with victory just like original Gold Saucer)
Battle 3: vs Jecht Assist: Tidus (Lv. Auto & Strength: Maximum) @ Dream's End (Victory Condition = Win within 3 minutes)
Ok Spoilers (If you have already played FFVII then please open)
Battle 4: vs Sephiroth (Lv. 100 & Strength: Maximum) @ Planet's Core (Victory Condition = Win with Ex Burst)
Cutscene: Cloud is warped to Edge of Madness where Safer Sephiroth (aka Feral Chaos) awaits him; Aerith calls out to Cloud telling him she will provide assistance)

Character: Cloud with Set B: Aerith Assist (Hope you have Aerith xD)
Battle 5: Safer Sephiroth aka Feral Chaos (Lv. 100) @ Edge of Madness (Victory Condition = JUST WIN!) Chaos Judgment

Epilogue Event: (Cloud with Aerith @ Edge of Madness) Aerith tells Cloud that she must go and the strength he has always desired was just a mere part of him he overlooked. Omnislash Obtained!!!

THE END!!!!!

Additional dialogue could be used between the transition between fights but whatever you get the point! Enjoy and please post your creative ideas. Ciao!