Chronos X
05-03-2011, 06:05 PM
Weird as it may seem, I happen to love Game Arts' Lunar series (at least the ones dealing with Alex, Ghaleon and co.), and I also like Mortal Kombat for a certain scaly fellow that always gets screwed over.

Just imagine, if you will, that Shang Tsung or whoever is looking for Reptile to give him an assignment, and finds him at the Dead Pool, where, unknown to our green idol, everyone, good and bad guys alike, is spying on him. As the executioners keep lowering prisoners to fry in the acid, their death screams cue the start of the music by Noriyuki Iwadare as MK's Luigi starts in velvety baritone:

"Daring to dream beyond all hope,
My bosses say I�m a stupid fool:
�How dare you think like that?
You idiot, turn your gaze
To doing whatever we say!�

But I just know it for a fact
That I�ll soon get my wishes:
When my sunrise blackens most,
I still need to believe I can cope!

There�re no angels watching closely over me:
I got nothing but myself to work with.
I know my gut should guide me, but,
maybe it�s all just acid reflux.

What will cure this craziness inside of me?
Isn�t there a chance I won�t get the shaft again?
I�m still waiting for my turn to shine,
Now all I need (pretty please!)
Is for Boon to cut me some slack."

Chronos X
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

As for the rest, use your imagination...



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