05-28-2011, 08:27 AM
So, I'm a little new to narration and stuff so I hope this isn't too bad. lol

Parting by Night – Day 1

We walked out of a movie theater having just seen some slasher film, you know, the type people watch just to get scared. I thought it was pathetic but the others, Emma, Narah, and Kayla loved it a little too much. “What I can't understand is why the chick always runs upstairs, seriously. All they end up doing is making things easier for the guy with the fricken knife.”

“When you're being chased around by a killer, you're probably not going to put much thought into where you're going.” Emma said.

There was a lot I could have said at that point but I decided not to. Instead, we just started talking about the random parts of the movie until we approached the bus stop. At that point, Kayla was going on and on about different scenes of the movie. “Remember when that one guy goes into that other persons basement and like. . . finds that one person's severed head? Then that dude in the mask sneaks up behind her with his knife!”. And with that, Emma put her arm around Narah's neck quoting the movie, “You're next! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!”. Narah jumped and pushed Emma away telling her that that wasn't funny. “Best reaction of today” I went on to say. The bus pulled up and we made our way up the steps. I pulled out my pass and so did the others except for Emma who had lost hers. I pulled 80 cents out of my pocket and dropped it into the fare box. We walked down the center to find that all the seats where taken except for the three on the very back of the bus. Narah and I took the two window seats leaving Emma and Kayla to fight over the last one. Kayla quickly sat down shaking the entire bus, leaving Emma to stand. Slightly annoyed at Kayla, Emma mildly hit Kayla on the shoulder with her purse with an irritated look on her face.

When the bus stopped out in the middle of the nowhere we called home. . . well actually, it wasn't really nowhere as much as it was rural, we got off and headed for the hill toward our homes. Narah proposed that we all have a sleep over at my house because she was supposed to be going on vacation the next week. We all went with it because we actually had nothing better to do.

Later that night, we were all beat and ready to fall asleep. Emma and Kayla went to pull out their sleeping bags when they realized that their stuff wasn't where they had left it. Emma started freaking out, “What? I had my blanket and bag here! Where the heck is it?” We all started searching for our stuff until we realized that Narah was gone too. We looked around the house until we found her and wouldn't you know it? She was hiding in the closet with our blankets, bags, and. . . our hair brushes? “What are you doing with our stuff?” I asked.

Narah: Um. . . nothing.

Kayla: so, you took our stuff and hid in the closet to do “nothing”?

Narah: Well, what else COULD I be doing with your stuff?

“Stop being weird!” I pulled our stuff out of the closet and Narah slowly came out. I noticed a little plastic baggy sticking out of her left pocket and asked her what was in it. She said nothing and I pulled it out myself to find that there was some hair in there. We just stood there speechless until Narah took the baggy and Emma's purse. Then she ran outside and we followed her until she went into the woods. We were surrounded by trees in the middle of the night, walking around, stepping on branches and leaves trying to find Narah. Seconds turned to minutes as we searched and searched until there was a soft purple glow off in the distance. We walked towards the light to find Narah standing all creepy-like holding some type of bottle with the radiant liquid inside. She swung the bottle spraying us with the odd fluid that was warm to the touch. “Eww, you hit me with purple you freak!” Emma shouted as Narah chanted something that sounded like french. I started to walk towards her when I began to feel cold and heavy until eventually, I couldn't move me arms and legs anymore. I moved my head around to see that I was beginning to turn pale white just like Emma and Kayla. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO US!?” I shouted. I tried to say something else but I couldn't move my head, eyes, or lips anymore. As quickly as it all happened, it was over, but something worse was just beginning. . .

Long my friends and I stood there looking out into the cursed night, waiting for the sun to rise. The light to set us free from the curse depriving us of our life. She did this. . . ice-hearted beast. . . That she witch we once called a friend.

"Fair warning, when the moon rises, you'll turn to stone till morn. Then on the tenth night, your life is forfeit but you will grant me the greatest gift of all!"

Inseparable, BFFs forever, didn't that mean anything to her? How can she grant herself eternal life while we suffer? The harsh night passes and the sunlight brings us a fighting chance. We gather our supplies, leave our houses without a word to our family and embark on the task forced upon us. We must hunt down Narah and put an end to her madness. . .