Dragoness Abivelus
06-06-2011, 10:42 AM
Hi there!

I am a big Final Fantasy fan - I fell in love with the series at FFVII and have adored each and every other installment.

Recently I found and purchased 3 DVD's from an anime website; complete playthroughs featuring FMVs, important events and cutscenes for FF X, FF X-2 and FF DoC. They are incredible, like watching someone else play, but without all the boring bits like grinding and random battles, and allow me to re-visit the magic of those games when I can not afford the time to play them myself.

I would really love to have full and proper playthroughs on DVD for each of the other FF games (especially VII, VIII, IX and XII - but also all the others, including spin-offs), but I can not find them to buy. I had a quick look on the net to find some to download, but all I have found is some low quality ones on YouTube.

(for those unwilling to read the entire post)

Does anyone know anywhere that I can download full and proper playthroughs of each of the FF games?
(especially VII, VIII, IX and XII - but also all the others, including spin-offs)
If there is no where I can get them to download, I am willing to pay for DVD's like the ones I purchased from the anime website.

I really appreciate any information anyone can give me - I have so little spare time lately!