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This is Marcel Gherman alias Megatone. I wish to present you my orchestral music album Tales Of Knights And Magic released together with a fragment from my fantasy novel Prince Indra's space Quest, on netlabel Bump Foot from Japan.

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This album is a collection of original orchestral compositions inspired by Japanese fantasy RPG games. The album also includes a fragment from Marcel Gherman's new fantasy novel "Prince Indra's Space Quest". The music will lead you on an adventure across forests and seas, towards ancient cities and forgotten temples. Written and produced by Marcel Gherman.

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Marcel Gherman


Chapter 1. Arcadia

Planet Arcadia seen from space. A turquoise blue sun illuminates its surface, dominated by shades of green and blue, for forests and seas. Let�s plunge into the planet's atmosphere and float carried by air currents, over mountains and plains ....
The gentle and peaceful people of planet Arcadia lives its life without trouble and worry. The lush nature makes life pleasant and easy. Arcadian civilization is in full bloom under the leadership of King Shankar, an honest and wise monarch. Through advanced technologies aligned with the forces of nature and a respectable attitude towards the people, King Shankar led Arcadia to a high level of welfare.
In this moment Arcadia is run by the fever of a celebration on a planetary scale. Let us translate ourselves into the planet's capital, where the ceremony is in full scale. Let�s fly between the buildings constructed from precious metals and stones, over areas of dense vegetation that spread fragrance of flowers, between towers and arcades, towards the city center where the royal palace stands.
In the square outside the palace a jubilant crowd is dancing to a music with complex rhythms. Silver drums resound in all directions. Plasma generators project in space colored fluorescent designs. A shower of confetti envelops the crowd. We hear shouts of joy.
On a balcony of the palace we find the royal family: King Shankar, Queen Flavia full of mood, smiling Prince Indra, and Princess Andra � Indra�s beloved, cheerful as well.
King Shankar contemplates the crowd. The expression on his face is serious, but calm and happy. His image is reflected in large scale by holographic projectors. Then he begins the speech that is transmitted through the communications network across the planet:
- People of Arcadia! It has been 1,000 years since our victory in the war against the invading Asura. Let us remember our ancestors because of whose exceptional courage today we celebrate a millennium of peace and prosperity. Arcadia has become an oasis of democracy and freedom in the universe. The waves and winds of time will be faced by the light of our hearts. Let the tree of life flourish forever! Happiness never to leave planet Arcadia!
His last words are lost in the cheers from the crowd: "Shankar! Shankar! "" Long live the king! "," Arcadia!". Holographic designs spread flashes of light.
Prince Indra and Princess Andra withdrew into a corner of the balcony and look away. White clouds float slowly through the clear sky. It's a hot summer afternoon, before the start of the rainy season.
- What great things the future prepares for us, Indra! , speaks dreamily the princess.
A breath of wind disturbs her long blond hair.
- You always loved, like me, to watch the sky, to look beyond the horizon, answers Indra. You do not know how happy I am to be here with you now, Princess Andra!
- It's a special day for our king Shankar. I never saw him so excited.
- Indeed.
- I believe you're proud to be his son.
King Shankar speaks with courtiers, throwing an occasional glimpse at the two.
- I try not to disappoint him. He's a good father and a wise king. With him together we will create a great destiny for all of us.
A shadow of sadness overcomes the Princess.
- But I see you worried. What is it?
- There's nothing ... Just ... a premonition ...
The king and the queen approach of the two. The celebration uniform of King Shankar shows the same daily sobriety. Instead queen Flavia is wearing a stylish dress and a necklace of gems.
- Don�t worry, Andra. You�ll see how all your anxieties will pass like these clouds, says the Queen. Not so, my dear?
- I'll take care of her, mother. It's my duty as a knight, ensures her the prince.
- Fortune favors the brave, speaks Queen Flavia with a smile.
- Planet Arcadia has high hopes in you, son, the king intervenes.
- Dad?
- As heir to the throne I have no doubt that you have a responsible attitude.
- I will do everything I can in this regard.
- I trust you, Indra. You have demonstrated talent for leadership and strategy and I hope that you will become a great knight.
- I will respect the lessons of my masters.
- Remember what you learned. I feel that very soon you'll need all your strength.
- I'm ready, Dad.
Princess Andra follows with surprise the discussion between father and son.
- Do you know that kung fu and fencing training are just as important as the lessons of history and philosophy?
- You speak of the necessary balance between action and knowledge?
- Exactly! You need to develop a perfect sense of harmony and balance.
King Shankar reminds Indra a combat position. Shankar executes Tai Chi movements related to Stork style. Indra imitates him.
- Life is harmony and balance ... You must feel the way of harmony present in all.
Shankar returns to normal position. With a mysterious voice he says:
- There is a hidden balance that persists even in extreme chaos ...
- I will meditate on these things.
- I think you have a good disciple, your majesty, says Andra.
- I'm convinced of that, young lady, replies the king. Enjoy this celebration, young friends.
The ceremony continues. Devastating rhythms fire their entire force on the crowd into delirium.
Then comes a moment of suspense. A robotic voice announces:
- Jay Epsilon!
An African with a mohican haircut takes control of the holographic console. Suddenly, in the sky appears the projection of a blue dragon hovering smoothly over the heads of the dancers. Its energetic movements are synchronized with a pulsing liquid sound. Harmonious sound waves spread through the crowd, rising up towards the sky.
- Delta Phoenix!
Another character, with Asian features, takes control of the holographic console. Above the square takes flight a huge green phoenix. The beating of its wings, perfectly balanced, blend with the rhythm constructed from masses of crystalline percussions that disperse into impossible structures in order to return to an essential continuity. The entire space is filled with iridescent jade.
- Bhang Ra!
A third character, with a European aspect, connects to the holographic system. An eagle with eyes in red flames triggers a violent dance. Purple lightning crosses the sky. Distorted drums make the earth tremble. The eagle spreads a great shout and dumps its full power over the dancers. With a final explosion, the rhythm reaches its peak. The winged monster disappears into thin air. A moment of tension follows.
Thousands of multicolored ramifications begin to cover the space. They remind the structure of DNA and the branches of a giant tree. It is a magnificent digital sculpture, composed of particles of quartz, coral and emerald, ivory, amber and obsidian, gold, silver and diamond.
An ocean of light floods the crowd. The silhouettes of the dancers dissolve in a single current of motion that accelerates to infinity towards the flashing moment when movement ceases to exist. Every gesture, every detail of this hyperreal image seems to be the fragment of an eternal dream.