06-26-2011, 11:55 PM
Hello all,

I created with 2 friends the total set of the 110 Triple Triad cards, as a gift for a friend's birthday.
Here is a video describing how we did.

This is my contribution to the FF8 community.

I hope you will like it or find it useful. - ‪Home made Triple Triad Card Game (Final Fantasy VIII) - Making of‬‏ (

Thanks for watching.


Darth Revan
06-28-2011, 02:19 AM
Always preferred Triple Triad over Tetra Master... even manged to get ahold of some of the official ones. Still, these are a good attempt at making them, kudos to you and your friends.

01-06-2013, 03:00 AM
Could you make a .zip file that had the card pictures so that people could print out and make their own?

01-06-2013, 06:22 AM
Isn't there an ONLINE (unofficial) version of the game?


02-06-2013, 11:54 PM
Isn't there an ONLINE (unofficial) version of the game?


There was certainly an unofficial Windows program that let you player TT over the internet a few years back, but I have a feeling it was made for Windows 98 (even getting it to run on my XP machine was a bit of a faff, I seem to remember) and might not work 'very well' (at all) on modern PCs.