07-15-2011, 11:31 PM
sooooo this is my first post on ffshrine, lol or on any community thingy majiggy. SOOOOO i wanna know:

1. What are your favorite FF games and Characters? and why?
2. What are your favorite Anime and Characters? and why?
3. Oh and tell me (even if the game was or wasnt your favorite) which game and anime had your favorite storyline :D

1.As for me its FFX and i STILL cant choose between Auron and Jecht! lol its also one of my favorite storylines of all my games.

2. :D my favorite anime without a doubt has to be One Piece(i love other various small anime though! but thats a whole other league of its own!)! cant choose between whitebeard, luffy and zoro though (>.<)! I've already made a portrait of the whole crew (excluding vivi and the potentially new member) and i'm starting on a second with Sabo, Ace and luffy as teenagers and Rayleigh, Dandan and Whitebeard in the background.

3. :D look at numero UNO!


07-16-2011, 11:33 PM
Where's a mod when you need one?

11-19-2011, 05:09 AM
1. *thinks really, really hard* Rikku from FFX:D Yay!!!!! HYpErAcTivItY!!!!!
2. Tohru! From fruits basket! So sweet and kind... Oh, and Rangiku from bleach!! Heh, she makes me laugh :D
3. Um um um um.... final fantasy X ftw!!!!! XD No! Kingdom Hearts (it's from the same company, okay ^.^)!!!!! Wait, FFX!!! Or maybe....
Ahhh! I can't decide!! :D