07-27-2011, 01:28 AM
Well, hello everyone!
I don't know if this issue has already been discussed, but I have punctual questions about this. (Please, don't be mad at me! I'm just trying to understand..)

If I'm mistaken, please, feel free to correct me.

Tidus was born 17 years before FFX.. Dream Zanarkand was created 1000 years before FFX, and Shuyin lived in Real Zanarkand before it was destroyed.. But he was killed by a soldier and his soul remained unsent in Spira, in the Real World.

When Real Zanarkand was destroyed, the memories of the remaining inhabitants were gathered and summoned by the Fayth..

So.. If, and I say if, Suyin was dead before DZ was created, there was a Dream-Shuyin living in DZ.. After 983 years, Tidus was born in DZ, and he was "transported" to the real world when he was 17.

No time travel. Tidus was living simultaneously as did Yuna and Wakka and everyone else..

Tidus could have been Dream-Shuyin's descendant or maybe not, maybe Dream-Shuyin has nothing to do with Tidus.

But I have heard some people saying that Tidus was the memory of Shuyin, supposing this was true, how come they are 983 years apart? The Fayth created DZ with their inhabitants and Shuyin included.. Why would The Fayth re-create another Shuyin almost a millenium after?

Besides the "oh-I-see-a-sphere-that-looks-like-Tidus" thing, I can't understand totally the relation between Shuyin and Tidus..


Thanks in advance! ;)

01-06-2012, 09:04 AM
This is how I understand it:

Dream Zanarkand was created 1000 years ago, soon after the real one was destroyed. But Tidus was only born in it recently, 17 years before it had been "destroyed" (or however old he was). He didn't time-travel. It was conjured up by the Fayth's dream, and time-wise it still DID exist parallel to Spira as well as Yuna and them. Shuyin and Lenne, however, are from REAL Zanarkand and from 1000 years ago, like you said, which, for them, is all wasted ruins now. But they both died long before the city was destroyed, so OVER 1000 years ago. Shuyin's unsent spirit has been lingering for 1000+ years.

So, what you said is correct... except for the part about dream-Shuyin. The two Zanarkands are two different places, and don't necessarily need to mimic each other resident for resident. The Fayth conjured up a city of their own entirely fictitious residents, Tidus being just one of many. I don't think they cloned anyone directly. A metropolis city of lights can still have the same feel even if all the people were replaced.

Unless of course they were a famous figure the Fayth would remember or take note of, in which case perhaps Tidus was supposed to metaphorically represent Shuyin, since he was semi-famous. I mean, clearly their similarities isn't merely a coincidence, seeing as Shuyin has the same attacks as Tidus's Overdrives, among other stuff.