10-18-2011, 06:54 AM
I played a little of FFXIII today, trying to see if I could actually get into it for the zillionth time, but, unsurprisingly, I could not; it still bored me to death. So this got me thinking of all the amazing things in all the other FFs that Square could have included to make XIII less of an interactive movie and more of an actual video game where you actually have choices as to what to do (even the battles are linear!). So anyway, here are some of the elements that would be included in my ultimate FF game:

-The Gambit system from XII
-The stat growth system from II (tweaked to be a little better of course)
-The stats from X
-The weapon customizatioin system from X, and possibly the Materia system from VII... (I'm not sure how materia and full weapon customization would work, but maybe you could, like, customize your own materia and/or customize weapons that can hold certain amounts of certain types, etc.)
-Water, Fire, Lighting, Wind, Earth, Ice, Dark, and Light as elements that all have 3-4 levels and are more or less equal in usefulness.
-Some kind of Job system to handle abilities.

That's a basic rundown of the main things I'd want in the ultimate FF. I've played X, X-2, and XII extensively, and only most of the others 1 time through. I haven't played VI or IX at all, though. Omg I'm such a n00b, rite u gaiz?