11-17-2011, 09:09 PM
Hello! So this is one of the things I do when I'm bored. Research of course! If you don't already know what binaural/isochronic tones are, I sugest you read this wiki page: Binaural beats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

And the frequencies that I went by are on this page, although most of the tracks I made by ear. (For maximum effect): Brainwave/Cymatic Frequency Listing (

At first I thought it was complete bullshit, but don't you think everything is bullshit? I used to double-think and reason myself to pieces when reading my science textbook in middle school. I may be some crazy person that only uses his right-half of his brain though...

>.> ^__^

So, after countless hours of research, ('bout 10 different websites hacked so I could get their binaural beats or meditation tracks free, and many hours examining the "strongest" of the beats from what I read online) I have created my own little binaural beat pack.

When I say little, I mean little compared to most binaural beat sites who try and take your money and give you tracks that maybe include one of the so-called "technologies" that I provided in my tracks. (Eg; i-doser's tracks, which even an idiot could make in Audacity)

So yes, after all my hard work in this subject, I have created some of the "strongest" binaural beats that will send you straight to the desired state of mind in a guaranteed 15 mins. (It takes the human brain a bit less to lock onto a beat, and in meditation I have been told that even a beginner of meditation can lock on in ~15 mins.) I'm serious too. Every morning I use the track named Awake and Alert and in ~10 mins, while everybody is still asleep, I'm up and ready to go.

I bet you wondering how I did it, no?


First you have to understand harmonics and octaves. An octave is any frequency multiplied by 10. If I'm wrong then I believe it's a harmonic. But anyway, a harmonic is a frequency times a whole number. So, as an example, 10hz multiplied by 10 would be 100hz, which is a multiple of ten, so it's a harmonic octave. :) Easy enough eh? But your probably thinking, "Dafuq? I can't even hear 10hz. "

Second: You can hear all the frequencies in my tracks, even the 10hz, and yes even with a pair of shitty 5 dollar headphones. (Yes, the headphones that came with my Sanza mp3 player can play them) I'm not talking about the actual note, (Cause I would sound crazeh) but the EFFECT that the base sine wave has on the track is almost identical to the real note. You'll understand once you listen to a track.

Third: I take the frequency that-when the brain is on those certain frequency patterns, these are the main experienced symptoms and the strongest of the symptom list. Their are different frequencies that share the same effect without side-effects while some are much stronger but there are many side-effects. I have chosen, and edited, frequencies that are the strongest, and have little-to-no side-effects. If they do have side-effects, those side-effects actually enhance the experience.

I take two isochronic tones, both beating at the frequency that i have chosen. I make a harmonic octave (10, 20x) out of the original tone; so say if I was using 10hz, I would have a 100hz isochronic tone beating at 10hz. I would then put one tone in one ear at 100hz, and one at 110hz in another. Now basically we got a binaural beat, a isochronic beat, and a monaural beat here. Both alone are effective, but we wanna make your brain lock-on even easier to them. So then I take a third beat (Only on fast frequencies as lower ones require only two to be heard and the effect is greater) in the middle channel that is 10 above the right one (In this example 120hz in the center channel) beating at 10hz as well. Then I do octaves of that. Eg; 20x, 30x. There is also a way to do harmonics, but that's even more to explain...

Fourth: So now that we have the harmonics and octaves, now we add noise. Now, the noise is panned on left and right. Nothing in the middle channel. The noise levels are done so that you hear beating of the noise at the lowest volume possible. Each tone is different because each tone uses different octave and harmonics.

Fifth: Now I take that track and go into Audacity and maximize the volume. Then generate a Sine wave at the same volume as the track. Now I adjust the track to that the track doesn't distort and export it. Basically what this is doing is, even if the beats were still making a beating sound with the noise, this makes is so it does at almost half the volume. But how? Well, the extreme frequencies and extreme volume actually pushed the track to and from DC bias. So your speaker actually plays the note, and those movements actually effect the way the noise is heard. (This is actually good as well for headphone and speaker burn-in)

Now you have a 15 min. track of a selected tone that has isochronic tones, binaural beats, and monaural beats and has been completely multi-harmonic layered, with a carrier wave, and, as one binaural beat retailer called it: X-box layering.

Easy eh? Basically the strength and power of any expensive binaural beat retailer for free.

So, I have provided 17 tracks that are made this same way with some slight variations so the effect is maximized.

So now your wondering, how do I use them? Well, it's quite easy. You can either meditate with a chosen track, or work as you normally do. These don't require headphones, but i sugest you do as the effect is maximized this way. Now, when listening, you have to have a volume limit for high volume and low volume if you want these to work. You have to hear the beat phasing out the noise so it sounds like a helicopter fan or wind blowing in and out. You also don't want to break your speakers and if your listening with headphones, you don't want to have your ears ringing after. You want just the minimum volume so that you hear the helicopter fans beating. I usually have my volume so that outside noise also beats as well just to keep my brain focused. If you wear headphones, you will experience a whole-brain synchronization where your entire brain locks on and works as one. This happens with all of the tones because of how I made them. This makes the effect, yet again, stronger and very rewarding in your life as the main side-effect of this is a high IQ boost.

You can also put these tracks on loop so you can have the maximum effect for as long as you'd like.

The effects included in the pack:

Inner Guidance, Deep Meditation, Mind Centering, Serotonin Release, Pain Relief, Induce Sleep, Problem Solving, Hormone Release, Physical Rejuvenation, Relaxed and Alert, Creative Thinking, Deep Sleep, Memory Enhancement, Awake and Alert, Chronic Fatigue Soother, Spiritual Rejuvenation,and Sinus Congestion Clear. (Yes, I spelled some track names wrong. You can use this list to correct them. Sorry. Just realized after I got halfway through uploading them that 3 or 4 are spelled wrong.) (This list doesn't include the benefits of whole-brain synchronization.)

I sugest you purchase a pair of headphones that you can sleep at night with so you can listen to this without the need for something squished into your ears. Edit: Here we go, I would sugest you use these if your going to use the Deep Sleep and the Induce Sleep tracks as these will make your listening experience much better: Sleep Headphones | Best New Sleep Aid | Comfortable Headphones | SleepPhones ( If you do go looking for headphones to play these tracks with, make sure to purchase headphones or speakers that the lowest frequency they play is way below 100hz as the lowest harmonic I use in this pack is 100hz. There should be, on the back or side of the headphone packaging under technical info somewhere, a list of the highest and lowest frequencies the headphones can hit. Eg, 20 - 20,000hz. Although this is mostly for advertisement issues, make sure the lowest frequency is under 100hz. In the above example, is is 20hz.

So now for the download links:
Part 1: Binaural X.part1.rar (
Part 2: Binaural X.part2.rar (
Part 3: Binaural X.part3.rar (
Part 4: Binaural X.part4.rar (
Part 5: Binaural X.part5.rar (
Part 6: Binaural X.part6.rar (

If any of the links go down, just message me here and I'll revive them. It shouldn't happen though...

Note: I compressed the lossless files (.wav) into mp3 at 320kbps bit-rate for highest quality with LAME mp3 at highest encoding engine quality. Took almost a damn hour to encode 17 tracks. I also compressed them in Joint Stereo so that if it actually does effect the sound stage, as some people claim it does, it will actually enhance the center channel and make the effect, again, even stronger. Don't you love technology?

The Ultimate Koopa
11-18-2011, 02:32 AM
So, I have some Sennheiser HD 238 headphones, with a frequency response of 16 Hz – 23,000 Hz
Would they work? Or is that too low?

11-18-2011, 04:06 AM
So, I have some Sennheiser HD 238 headphones, with a frequency response of 16 Hz – 23,000 Hz
Would they work? Or is that too low?

The lower the better. I use Sennheiser HD800s. A pair of 5 dollar headphones will do the job. Almost all headphones before 1970 should hit 100hz fine. Even then, headphones probably hit that. I don't know if it's a requirement for headphones to hit 100hz, but I have not found pair that hasn't been able to.

The Ultimate Koopa
11-18-2011, 06:11 PM
So mine are perfect, right? That's good.

11-18-2011, 06:16 PM
Yup ^___^

12-13-2011, 06:43 PM
Has anybody else tried these? Any comments?

08-12-2012, 09:46 PM
I'm very interested in hearing these, any chance of a reupload?

09-16-2012, 11:25 PM
Hello all,
Assett1 has simply left the entire forum and website because he felt he had committed so much that he was simply unable to work up to his expectations he had created.
I, his mentor in audio has retired in the studio environment and Kris asked me to drop by, give the news to the forums and ask if I could finish his huge project for him. Kris is now working full time in the studio with a band a week. Not only that but he is pursuing a double major in school and has found that he has little to no time to work on side projects. He said, with a small tear in his eye, that he misses you all and would like me to take his place.
I agreed that I would slowly but surly finish up his project with the Metroid Prime Trilogy and his list of other projects.
I hope you all forgive him and start looking forward again to these releases: Majora's Mask, some Pokemon Games (Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald), as well as Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX.
The releases will be slow but will be done.

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So are these links in op good? Are they changed by someone new

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This is interesting thanks ;)

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You're links are dead to me.

No, really, they're offline.